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The Transcendental Meditation programme gives the deep experience of consciousness which is the basis of knowing the Vedas, the complete structure of pure knowledge.



Veda, the structure of pure knowledge
by Global Good News staff writer
25 August 2008

This talk was given by Maharishi in September 1980 in Seelisberg, Switzerland. He explained that Veda, the structure of pure knowledge, is known only to itself; it is its own knower, its own known, and its own knowledge. 

'In the state of pure knowledge, the three values of knower, known, and knowledge are one unified structure which contains the potentiality for the infinite diversity of the universe,' he said. 

'The Veda is transcendental to all the relative senses of perception; it exists on a level where the transcendental value of all five senses is available. On this level consciousness itself perceives the structure and the flow of the Veda, the language of Nature. . . .' 

The intelligence that is completely awake within itself and aware of all the infinite possible structures contained within itself is called Jyotish-mati pragya. When this level of awareness is completely open to itself, it knows all about everything that is contained within its own structure. 'It is from here that all knowledge about everything in creation is available,' Maharishi said. 

'The different values of the structure of pure knowledge expressed in the different categories of the Vedic Literature arise from this holistic value of knowledge—which is the knower himself. 

'The Vedic Literature is a very profound, systematic knowledge, which presents the mechanics of the total organizing power of Nature. The Vedic Literature gives us confidence that this knowledge of the totality of life is available. However, the totality of life cannot be known by reading Vedic Literature, but only by being the Veda, one's own Self. 

'The simplest form of human awareness contains within its nature the totality of the universe, the full potential of Natural Law. In order to enliven the full potential of Natural Law in awareness, there is a tradition of refining one's consciousness in order that it reflect the totality of creation.' 

The Vedic Literature presents systems for purifying both individual consciousness and the environment, and at the same time provides a reference point by which to evaluate the degree to which Natural Law is being lived in daily life. 'When every impulse of one's thought and action is evolutionary for everyone, then one knows that the total potential of Natural Law has been enlivened in one's Self,' Maharishi continued. 

Maharishi then explained that the basis of creation—the structure of pure knowledge, the Veda—is always the same, but when the experience of transcending is lost, the total potential of knowledge and organizing power is not available. 'Then life becomes fragmented and the bliss of life is shadowed. 

'The Veda, pure knowledge, is known from within and with that knowing comes the ability to organize. Awakening the infinite organizing power of pure knowledge awakens all possibilities in practical life. 

'In every cognition of the Veda the totality of the universe is involved, because that cognition is on the omnipresent level of intelligence. The specific value of the cognition depends upon the specific value of the cognizer's physiology,' Maharishi said. 

'The simplest form of awareness, which cognizes the Veda, is universally the same, but because each cognizer has a different physiology, different cognitions display different specific qualities. These different qualities are classified as different Shakhas, or branches of the Veda.' 

One can understand the whole mechanics of Natural Law on the basis of one's own experience of transcending during the practice of Maharishi's Transcendental Meditation, and enlivening the transcendent through the Transcendental Meditation Sidhi Programme. This is the basis of Vedic Studies and is Maharishi's approach to unfolding the complete structure of pure knowledge, the Veda.

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"The potential of every student is infinite. The time of student life should serve to unfold that infinite potential so that every individual becomes a vibrant centre of Total Knowledge."—Maharishi

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