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Six keys to mind power
by Maharishi Ayurveda website
11 May 2018

What causes some children to thrive on learning while others struggle? According to Maharishi Ayurveda, most learning problems are caused by eating food that is lacking in intelligence. By this we mean food laced with chemicals, junk food, and food that is not fresh. Food lacking in intelligence disturbs the intellect and mind. . . .

Modern researchers are just discovering the link between learning disorders and harmful food additives such as the chemical food preservatives BHT and BHA, the cake rising agent calcium silicate, and other colorings, flavorings and emulsifiers. Unfortunately, these harmful food additives and preservatives are found in most packaged foods.

A rather shocking study showed that the average person consumes 8–10 pounds of additives a year. Because children have lower body weights and are in the critical developmental years, the harmful effects of these additives are magnified many times. And artificial flavors, colors and preservatives can cause more allergic reactions in children because they are more sensitive than adults.

When children are eating unintelligent food, they are not nourishing the mind with minerals, vitamins, and other aspects of nature's intelligence.

And modern researchers confirm ancient ayurvedic wisdom — that any nutritional deficiency can result in diminished mental function.

Another cause of mental deficiency in children includes not getting enough sleep. If children do not go to bed on time, or if they watch violent TV shows or read frightening comics before bed, that can disrupt sleep and aggravate the doshas, which then can be expressed as poor memory and recall in school.

But diet is still most important, because diet also affects the quality of sleep. Diet is the primary focus for enhancing mental ability, because even herbal compounds won't work if the child is eating unintelligent food.

  • Eat fresh, pure foods — The Council of Maharishi Ayurveda Physicians' advice for kids holds true for everyone — stay away from foods with chemicals, pesticides or additives. The purer the foods you eat, the more of their intelligence you absorb.
  • Balanced Nutrition is Essential — A diet rich in healthy proteins, such as from soy, with plenty of fruits and vegetables, is good for enhancing mental potential. Don't count fat out entirely — fat plays some essential roles in the physiology.
  • The Power of Antioxidants — Recent research shows that blueberries are powerful food for the brain because of their antioxidant value. The brain is especially vulnerable to free-radical damage. Take Amrit every day for superior antioxidant protection — it has been shown to have 1,000 times the free-radical scavenging power of vitamin C or E!
  • Get Your Zzzzs — Research has confirmed that sleep deprivation leads to diminished mental performance. Ayurveda considers sleep to be a basic building block for good mind/body health, just like diet.
  • Manage Stress — High levels of stress negatively impact both mind and body. Practice the Transcendental Meditation technique, or find other ways to relax.
  • Keep that Brain Working! — Like the battery in your automobile, you have to keep your mind active to keep it running. So keep those creative juices flowing and exercise your brain regularly!

Mental performance can be expanded to its full potential. All it requires is going back to the basics — proper nutrition, quality sleep and the balanced wisdom of herbs that can help nourish the mind in a natural, safe way.


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"The potential of every student is infinite. The time of student life should serve to unfold that infinite potential so that every individual becomes a vibrant centre of Total Knowledge."—Maharishi

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