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light Happiness: Look for the light
18 October 2017
As a result of increasing happiness in our lives, we are able to naturally and spontaneously able to see the positive and not negative aspects of a situation. (more)
Haley Building community
14 October 2017
Haley Spitzfaden is an enthusiastic Maharishi University of Management (MUM) student whose Transcendental Meditation practice gives her the energy and balance to take on many inspiring projects. (more)
brine MUM alumni starts organic food business
10 October 2017
Daniel Gorman, who graduated from Maharishi University of Management (MUM) with a major in sustainable living, has started a company that uses local organic ingredients. (more)
lotus Relieving anxiety
6 October 2017
The Transcendental Meditation technique significantly helps promote mental and emotional well-being by calming the nervous system and providing the experience of profound inner peace. (more)
michael funk The interconnectedness of the universe
2 October 2017
Michael Funk loves his medical work and says that Transcendental Meditation expanded his capacity to love, value, and appreciate the diversity of people, places, and things. (more)
kyle Healing veterans with TM and organic farming
28 September 2017
Veteran Kyle Amsberry, a Maharishi University of Management student, would like to facilitate programs that teach veterans the Transcendental Meditation technique and organic agriculture at the same time. (more)
amit MUM alum builds a business for peace
24 September 2017
While earning his MS at Maharishi University of Management, Amit Hooda cofounded a business that would create ethical jobs in conflict areas to establish long-term sustainable peace. (more)
Pandits Study shows brain coherence when listening to Vedic Pandits
20 September 2017
A new EEG study describes the coherent brain wave patterns associated with the experiences of deep inner silence by those listening to live Vedic recitation by pandits. (more)
Nat Maharishi School alum wins contest to direct branded content commercial
16 September 2017
Maharishi School alum Nathaniel won a $50,000 contest, sponsored by PepsiCo, to write and direct a commercial for one of their products. (more)
Improving mental health with Ayurveda
12 September 2017
The approaches of Maharishi Ayurveda, including Transcendental Meditation, have been found to have a profound effect on improving our mental health and well-being, and in turn our relationships. (more)
perry The song of the Self
8 September 2017
Erik Martin explains that his mission is to produce events that raise money to heal trauma and to explore the natural link between music and meditation. (more)
mba's MUM MBA students place in top 10th percentile in global business simulation
4 September 2017
A team of MBA accounting students recently finished in the 92nd percentile in an online integrated decision-making simulation that involved 1,125 master’s-degree-level teams worldwide. (more)
garden Organic agriculture students sell vegetables at farmers market
30 August 2017
Students in MUM’s Regenerative Organic Agriculture Certificate Program sell the fruits of their harvest at the Fairfield Farmers Market as they learn to restructure the current food and agriculture systems. (more)
mba MUM MBA students serve community through Capstone Project
26 August 2017
Students in Maharishi University of Management's MBA in Sustainable Business Program have been assisting local organizations with their sustainability efforts through their Capstone Project. (more)
jarvis Maharishi School alumni launches gift giving service app
22 August 2017
Jonathan Jarvis, Maharishi School alumni, has designed a professional gift-giving service app for computers that is free to download and use. (more)
nurse Nurses’ health matters
18 August 2017
The Transcendental Meditation technique should be a key component of a holistic approach to wellness for nurses, because it increases resilience and provides deep rest. (more)
author Novel by MUM alumnus receives praise
15 August 2017
Maharishi University of Management (MUM) alumnus Nathaniel Campbell’s debut novel is number one on the Chicago Tribune’s ultimate summer reading list. (more)
golden dome Study shows increased coherence in consciousness reduced murder rates
10 August 2017
Another study on the coherence-creating effect of the Invincible America Assembly in Fairfield, Iowa, reported a significant reduction in murder rates in US urban areas during the period 2007–2010. (more)
art class MUM art students enjoy success in graduate school
6 August 2017
Maharishi University of Management (MUM) art students graduate grounded in their own artistic style and ready are ready for graduate school, if they choose to attend it. (more)
meditation outdoors The best summer vacation, twice a day
2 August 2017
Transcendental Meditation is a simple, easy, scientifically-verified way to take two 20-minute, relaxing vacations a day, right on your porch, your couch, your beach chair, or anywhere you happen to be. (more)
Kyle Veteran plants the seeds of a dream at MUM
30 July 2017
US Military Veteran Kyle Amsberry has a dream to open a TM Retreat and Education Center for Veterans and through his education at Maharishi University of Management, he knows he can make it a reality. (more)
tim ryan US Congressman speaks on the need to unlock our human potential
26 July 2017
US Congressman Tim Ryan emphasized that humanity needs powerful tools to unlock our human potential, when he spoke at the Maharishi University of Management graduation. (more)
pranav Maharishi School sophomore wins two important competitions
22 July 2017
Pranav Chhalliyil, from the Maharishi School, recently won the 2017 International BioGENEius Challenge GENE Pool Competition and also the 2017 Global Healthcare Challenge. (more)
Taiwan Enlivening consciousness in business management
18 July 2017
Dr Ayako Huang, from Taiwan, is currently the Director of the Online MBA Programs and an Assistant Professor of Management at Maharishi University of Management, where the students and faculty practice the Transcendental Meditation. (more)
award MUM professor and student win best article award
14 July 2017
Maharishi University of Management professor Andrew Bargerstock and PhD student Ye Shi won the Lybrand Gold Medal Award for writing the best article in the peer-reviewed journal Strategic Finance. (more)
Gyan TM helps one maintain a disciplined creative process
10 July 2017
Maharishi University of Management art faculty member Gyan Shrosbree is exhibiting her art in multiple shows and says that Transcendental Meditation (TM) has helped her become a productive artist. (more)
meditators Unlimited reserves of energy, creativity, and happiness
6 July 2017
The David Lynch Foundation for Consciousness-Based Education and World Peace enables at-risk children and adults to experience the unlimited reservoir of peace within themselves with Transcendental Meditation. (more)
ryan US Congressman Tim Ryan delivers MUM commencement address
2 July 2017
US Congressman Tim Ryan from Ohio’s 13th District delivered the commencement address at Maharishi University of Management and challenged the graduates to find innovative solutions to the problems facing the world. (more)
di Maharishi School students earn first place at world creativity competition
28 June 2017
A team of Maharishi School students recently showed their extraordinary creativity by winning a first-place award and Da Vince Award for exceptional creativity at this year's Destination Imagination Global Finals. (more)
aikido MUM Aikido Club participates in National Seminar
24 June 2017
Students of aikido from the Maharishi University of Management (MUM) community travelled to Chicago to participate in a two-day seminar led by a senior student of the original founder of aikido. (more)
Dr Schneider gives keynote at Harvard Medical School
20 June 2017
Dr Schneider, dean of MUM's College of Integrative Medicine, was invited to give an opening keynote address at Harvard at a conference on integrating Yoga and Ayurveda into mainstream medicine. (more)
teach america MUM alum heads to Hawaii with Teach For America
16 June 2017
Chas Zachar, Maharishi University of Management (MUM) alum, will head to Hawaii this fall to teach high school science, math, and English as part of the Teach For America program. (more)
agnes MUM alumna shows film at Cannes Film Festival
12 June 2017
The 30-minute movie Last Tree Standing by Agnes Baginska, a graduate of the David Lynch Graduate School of Cinematic Arts at Maharishi University of Management, was screened on May 26 at the Cannes Film Festival in France. (more)
rocket Maharishi School rocket team finishes fourth in nation
8 June 2017
The Maharishi School rocketry team finished fourth in the nation in this year's Team America Rocketry Challenge, where over 5,000 students from across the nation compete. (more)
steve How to craft your career—and your life
4 June 2017
A new free online course titled Crafting a Life of Meaning, Significance, and Services at Maharishi University of Management is being taught by Steve Langerud, a nationally recognized workplace culture strategist and consultant. (more)
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