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Mona Kagi-Causemann
Mona Kägi-Causemann, Mother of the Domain of Switzerland.



Jasmin Paulussen
Jasmin Paulussen, the Director of Education in Maharishi International School in Canton Basel.



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Admissions office of the new Maharishi International School in Zurich.



Elaine Gubler
Elaine Gubler, Director of Education in the French part of Switzerland, has been handling inquiries about the Maharishi School in Zurich.



Maharishi International Schools in Switzerland
by Mona Kägi-Causemann
20 August 2008

The Maharishi International School just received permission to start operating its Consciousness-Based High School from the Ministry of Education in Canton Zurich.
The process of application included the submission of our mission, curriculum (with the confirmation that we fulfil the requirements for secondary education in Switzerland), timetable, teacher list and their diplomas, and a building plan of the school. In this application, we beautifully displayed all the unique features of Consciousness-Based Education.

Our school building was inspected by the authorities. The permission was signed by the Minister of Education. Thus, the Minister of Education also became familiar with the exceptional approach of Consciousness-Based Education.
When the national or cantonal guidelines to start a school (primary or secondary) are closely followed, then the process of getting the permission for Consciousness-Based Schools with all their unique features will be granted. The same process was followed by Jasmin Paulussen, our Director of Education in Canton Basel, where the laws are a little bit different than those in Canton Zurich. But there it was also confirmed that by following all the requirements, she will receive permission to start the Maharishi School in Basel soon. 

Overview of Maharishi International School
Maharishi International School is one of 300 Maharishi schools world-wide offering Total Knowledge for students, and invincibility—a high level of integration, peace, harmony and progress—for their country.  Maharishi International School offers every student a first-class secondary education while developing higher states of consciousness.

The Maharishi International School has a stress-free, supportive learning environment. Students learn the Transcendental Meditation Programme and its advance techniques called the Transcendental Meditation Sidhi Programme including Yogic Flying. Consciousness-Based Education promotes optimal learning and balanced brain development, so that no student will fail. The Total Knowledge curriculum is unsurpassed—all disciplines are connected back to the student to make learning easy and meaningful. Teachers are highly qualified.

The Maharishi International School has single-gender education for the emotional growth, academic progress, and general well-being of the students. Meals are organic vegetarian with an emphasis on fresh foods.  

We ran many ads and sent out a press release. In response to our press release, we were invited to different TV stations in Zurich and Basel for interviews and talks.  Several newspapers reported on our schools.

The following is the text of the advertisement:
Maharishi International School offers a unique approach to secondary education.

Every student will gain Total Knowledge on the basis of the discovery of the Unified Field of modern science.

The students will directly experience the Unified Field in their own self-referral consciousness utilizing the world's most sophisticated technologies of education—Transcendental Meditation and its advanced techniques including Yogic Flying, whose comprehensive benefits have been verified by more than 600 published scientific studies. As the collective benefit, the national consciousness will rise to a high level of integrity, positivity, affluence, and invincibility.

Admission has started.

About 60 people have inquired about Maharishi International School. The inquiries  have come from all over the world,  from countries like Mongolia, India, Ireland, Finland, and USA. Many inquiries came from Germany. The people not only inquired about the school for their children but also often for themselves to learn more about Transcendental Meditation and its advanced techniques.

Principal for Maharishi School in Zurich needed
To start the Maharishi School in Zurich a principal is needed who has the joy, ambition, and desire to bless the children of Switzerland with Maharishi's precious gift of Total Knowledge and thereby create an invincible and truly heavenly Switzerland.

We welcome those who  would like to come to Switzerland and join us in opening the school, and who could serve in the position of principal or manager of the Maharishi School. Please contact our office: info@maharishischool.ch.

Further details about the school are on the following website: www.maharishischool.ch

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"The potential of every student is infinite. The time of student life should serve to unfold that infinite potential so that every individual becomes a vibrant centre of Total Knowledge."—Maharishi

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