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Lulama Ntozine, outstanding achiever in South Africa



Self discovery in South Africa
by Global Good News Staff Writer
September 2006

Located in Johannesburg, South Africa, CIDA City Campus is a university that is embracing the highest ideals of education, which include the full development of the knower. An accredited higher education institution founded in 1999, CIDA (Community and Individual Development Association) City Campus is designed to develop thinkers and leaders; its motto states: ‘Leveraging Africa’s own human capital and genius to change the continent.’ President Mbeki of South Africa has said, ‘The education offered [at CIDA] is designed to make students relevant, truly empowered, integrated citizens and leaders that are skilled and equipped to build the South African economy and society.’

Lulama Ntozini is an outstanding graduate of CIDA. It was during his first year at university that Lulama learned the Transcendental Meditation Technique. He felt that this self-development technique helped him tremendously to accomplish the goals of this esteemed institution. ‘I approach my work with a clearer and more focused mind,’ he says. ‘My meditation helps me to release a lot of stress and fatigue so that I go on to enjoy my evenings with friends and family. Taking 20 minutes of your time each morning and afternoon to energize yourself for your day's challenges makes all the difference.’

He studied marketing management and received a prestigious award for Best Student in physics in 2000. During his student years, Lulama also participated in an advanced course for Transcendental Meditation participants. ‘My experiences were so deep’, he says, ‘and I enjoyed the benefits of great peace of mind, improved concentration span, and always a happy mood.’

After graduating in 2004, Lulama worked for one year as a tutor of English, mathematics, and marketing at Foundation College, also in Johannesburg. There he spent most of his time with students and doing research in his academic fields of interest.

Commenting further on the immeasurable value for education of developing consciousness, Lulama says, ‘Give your students a taste of consciousness and they will be at home with all the subjects you teach them. The approach of schools such as CIDA is different. You get an opportunity to experience yourself and develop your potential by experiencing the field of consciousness within. In this age where there is an increased demand and pressure on the young, a tool such as Transcendental Meditation helps youth stay healthy, intelligent, and stress free. It is a mechanism to cope with stress and achieve success in life.’

Global Good News asked Lulama if he would recommend Transcendental Meditation to other students, based on its benefits in his own educational experience and for the growing success and happiness he is achieving in his life. ‘The best way to enjoy life', he says, ‘is to be connected to who you are, that field of pure consciousness deep within yourself. I truly enjoyed making this discovery in my early years in student life . . . . I would recommend it to anyone.’

“CIDA has opened our eyes to new ways of thinking and supporting our young people in education To see the energy and the commitment of CIDA students, to experience their joy and hunger for knowledge, to feel their passion for building South Africa – that makes me very happy indeed. CIDA’s model combines self-awareness, self-reliance and Ubuntu. The students expressly address issues of poverty, education and health in their home communities and pass on their knowledge to others in ways that are meaningful, whether in Limpopo or Cape. I know that CIDA students can be a major force for transformation in whatever field they work in – technology or agriculture, as entrepreneurs or accountants. I am inspired by this extraordinary reach across our nation, and am proud to be associated with its vision.” –Nelson Mandela

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"The potential of every student is infinite. The time of student life should serve to unfold that infinite potential so that every individual becomes a vibrant centre of Total Knowledge."—Maharishi

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