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Maharishi's creation of Heaven on Earth stands on the solid foundation of his Vedic Science, fulfillint the aspirations of the saints and sages of the past.


Maharishi's global plan for peace and prosperity
Part 2 — Ancient accounts of life in peace and fulfilment
(See May Archives for Part 1, entitled "Maharishi's global plan for peace and prosperity')
by Global Good News staff writer
1 May, 2007

It is interesting that a utopian description of problem-free life on Earth through the enlivenment of total Natural Law has an historical precedent. The Vedic texts describe a time in ancient history when life was lived in accord with Total Natural Law. The epic Shri Rama Charita Manasa describes the golden age of the rule of Raam:

‘In the whole of Raam’s realm there was no one who suffered from bodily pains, ill fortune, or evil circumstance. Every man loved his neighbour, and contented with the state of life to which he had been born, conformed to the teaching of the Scripture and sound morality. The four pillars of religion were established throughout the world; no one even dreamt of sin …

‘There was no premature death and no sickness even, but everyone was comely and sound of body; no one was in poverty, in sorrow or in distress, no one was ignorant or unlucky; all men and women were unaffectedly good and pious, clever and intelligent.

‘Everyone appreciated the merits of his neighour and was himself learned and wise; everyone was grateful for kindness and guilelessly prudent.’

His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi refers to the rule of Raam as Raam Raj, or the administration of total Natural Law. He has declared that in this generation, mankind is now witnessing the revival of Raam Raj—the administration of total Natural Law—for problem-free, enlightened, prosperous, peaceful life in the world—a time of Heaven on Earth.

There is another example of this kind of revival from the Chinese tradition. The sage Lao-Tzu describes the ability of a leader to bring happiness to his people by quietly administering from the silent, unmanifest level of the Unified Field of pure consciousness, which he refers to as ‘the land of nowhere.’ Lao-Tzu writes:

‘When the Sage King rules, his influence is felt everywhere, but he does not seem to be doing anything: his work affects the ten thousand things, but the people do not depend on him. No one is aware of him but he brings happiness to every man. He stands on that which is not known, and wanders in the land of nowhere.’

Today, the power of Natural Law, recognized by the ancient traditions of the world, is being re-established for the benefit of all mankind. Maharishi’s programmes are re-enlivening that silent administration of Natural Law that realigns life with the silent, unseen source of all order and intelligence in Nature.

These programmes are fulfilling the ancient teachings of other great spiritual leaders and sages, as well. The Greek sage, Socrates declared to his followers, ‘Know thyself.’ Buddha gave the message of attaining nirvana, bliss, and freedom. Jesus taught that the ‘Kingdom of Heaven is within you.’ Five thousand years ago, Lord Krishna declared the universality of bliss consciousness.

Maharishi has explained that throughout the ages, different saints and sages taught the same eternal wisdom of life, using the language of their time. As time continued, the essential teaching of how to access and live the inner silent, Absolute field of the Self became diluted, and then new teachers emerged to continue the message of supreme truth of life. In his book, Maharishi Vedic University, Maharishi says:

‘All the seers and saints of the past, all the prophets and incarnations of the past, cognized the Constitution of the Universe and expressed its reality as they realized it and as they could express it in the language of their time, in the environment of their time, and in the situations and circumstances of their time.

‘In keeping with this eternal tradition of the expression of truth according to time, the eternal message of truth demanded that in this scientific age the truth be expressed in the language of science so that its claims and effects could be reliably verified in a repeatable way.’

In this scientific age, speaking in the language of science, Maharishi has re-enlivened the knowledge of how to access the Unified Field, the Light of God, underlying all creation. Based on his own cognition of Total Natural Law, the Constitution of the Universe, Maharishi has explained in detail, every aspect of how the Unified Field of Total Natural Law creates and administers the universe from within itself, through its own self-interacting dynamics.

This profound explanation has provided the most extensive and complete understanding of Total Knowledge ever recorded. Working with today’s scientists, Maharishi has guided the most accurate interpretation of scientific theory—the correct understanding of the newest theories of quantum field theory, so that examples from modern science can be seen clearly to correspond to the ancient Vedic principles.

The coming together of ancient Vedic science and modern science gives a detailed explanation of Total Knowledge, and also the scientifically verified technologies of how to access the Unified Field of all the Laws of Nature for maximum benefit. Thus, Maharishi’s creation of Heaven on Earth stands on the solid ground of his Vedic Science, fulfilling the aspirations and descriptions of the saints and sages of the past.


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"The potential of every student is infinite. The time of student life should serve to unfold that infinite potential so that every individual becomes a vibrant centre of Total Knowledge."—Maharishi

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