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Students at M.U.M. constructed a biodiesel processor, capable of using discarded vegetable oils to produce up to 500 gallons of fuel per day



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Part 2 — Students in Sustainable Living programme put their knowledge to practice
(See March Archives for Part 1, entitled 'Maharishi University of Management provides leading edge environmental and sustainable living programmes')

by Global Good News staff writer
1 May 2007

Students at Maharishi University of Management use their Creative Intelligence to realign life in accord with Natural Law

At Maharishi University of Management, in Iowa, USA, students in the Sustainable Living Programme have completed construction of a biodiesel processor in a course taught by Lonnie Gamble. The students are hoping to use the fuel it makes to power University vehicles and to eventually set up a co-op to make fuel available to the community.

The processor is capable of producing up to 500 gallons of fuel a day. It uses discarded vegetable oil from restaurants, as well as sesame oil from The Raj Maharishi Ayurveda Health Spa; and turns it into fuel via a chemical process.

‘Our goal is to be more sustainable,’ said Troy Van Beek, who helped build the processor. ‘Biodiesel fuel is cleaner and cheaper, and we’re not pumping natural resources out of the ground to make it.’

The fuel can be used by any vehicle with a diesel motor. Mr Van Beek and classmate Robbie Gongwer are hoping to organize the charitable donation of vans to the University that will use the biodiesel fuel. The vans will be used for field trips and to pick up new students at the airport; and will be emblazoned with the words, ‘Maharishi University of Management Sustainable Living — Powered by Biodiesel.’

The students made the biodiesel processor from an old water heater and tubing. It is capable of producing 40 to 50 gallons of fuel per hour. The fuel processed so far has been tested and found to be of high quality, Mr Van Beek said.

The initial goal is to integrate the use of biodiesel fuel into the University’s activities to test the product and to work out the details. Once that programme is in place, the students envision starting a co-op that will make fuel available to the community.

Mr Van Beek and Mr Gongwer said that the next step is to organize a core group of Sustainable Living students and other students who will focus on implementing the project. The tasks include monitoring the processor during production, storing the fuel, making it available, as well as approaching sponsors and charitable organizations to secure the donation of vehicles.

This core group will also focus on implementing wind and solar projects begun by the students.

Students at Maharishi University of Management increase their creativity and intelligence through the practice of Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation Technique and its advanced technique called the TM-Sidhi Programme, including Yogic Flying. These programmes allow them to access the Unified Field of all the Laws of Nature at the source of the mind. The creation of the new biodiesel processor reflects the students’ ability to tap this lively unbounded field of creativity and intelligence—and to make use of its potential in daily life.

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"The potential of every student is infinite. The time of student life should serve to unfold that infinite potential so that every individual becomes a vibrant centre of Total Knowledge."—Maharishi

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