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Maharishi's global plan for peace and prosperity
Part 4 — Seven powerful programmes to bless the world with peace, prosperity, health, and enlightened leadership
(See May Archives for Part 3, Part 2 & Part 1, entitled "Maharishi's global plan for peace and prosperity')
by Global Good News staff writer
11 May 2007

The ingenious design of the seven programmes of His Holiness Maharishi draw upon the infinite organizing power of Total Natural Law to alleviate the problems of the world. They utilize the principles of Maharishi’s Vedic Science and Maharishi’s Technologies of the Unified Field to:

1. Crown the nation with Invincibility

2. Providing Prevention-Oriented, Problem-Free Administration

3. Create high level Vedic medical colleges in each country

4. Establish universities, colleges, and schools in each country

5. Produce healthy food through promoting organic agriculture

6. Reconstruct of the world in accord with    Natural Law

7. Eliminate poverty in the world

1. Crowning the nation with Invincibility
This programme recognizes that the sovereignty of any nation is meaningless without invincibility. The freedom of any nation is always under fear without invincibility. National invincibility arises when national consciousness is coherent. Then conflicting tendencies do not arise, and the nation remains strong.

The practice of Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi Programme including Yogic Flying in a group creates harmony and coherence in national consciousness. When the influence of coherence generated by this technology reaches sufficient intensity, it creates an integrated national consciousness. This sufficient number of Yogic Fliers strengthens the cultural integrity of the nation by promoting life in accord with Natural Law. The nation enjoys self-sufficiency and an invincible armour, which automatically repels any negative influence coming from outside.

Programme #1 focuses on inspiring each nation to achieve a large enough group of Yogic Flyers to create national invincibility. Examples from science indicate that all that is needed is the square root of one per cent of any nation’s population, practising Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi Programme including Yogic Flying in a group, in order for that nation to enjoy internal harmony and an impenetrable armour against outside destructive influences. This number of Yogic Fliers is known as the super radiance number for a country.

Countries can easily establish a group of Yogic Fliers in a school. In the United States, the Invincible America Course, situated in Fairfield, Iowa, is close to attaining the number of 1720 Yogic Fliers—the square root of the US population—needed to make the nation invincible. This Invincible America Course draws upon the student population of Maharishi University of Management, the faculty, Fairfield Community, the adjoining community of Maharishi Vedic City, and also participants from all over the country and world. It is inspiring to see these dedicated citizens coming together each day in the golden domes of Pure Knowledge on the Maharishi University of Management campus, in order to create coherence for America.

In addition, a new university, Central University of America, to be built at the center point of the United States, will train enlightened leaders and will provide a back-up for the Super Radiance number, so that peace, prosperity, and happiness will be insured.

Through this programme #1, the Global Country of World Peace is inspiring the 192 countries of the world to attain their super radiance number of Yogic Fliers and to become invincible. Only invincible nations can create and safeguard a peaceful world and insure unrestricted success and happiness for their people.

2. Providing Prevention-Oriented, Problem-Free Administration

Cosmic Intelligence displays its infinite organizing power in the ordering administration of the ever-evolving, ever-expanding universe. This absolute orderly performance of the government of our universe can be inherited by every government of our world through Maharishi programmes.


3. Creating high level Vedic medical colleges in each country

The prevailing system of health care in every country is completely inadequate to prevent disease, and even to cure disease. During a global press conference on 14 February 2007, Dr John Hagelin, quantum physicist and Chief Minister of the Ministry of Science, Technology, and Public Policy of the Global Country of World Peace, discussed the current state of health care in the United States. Dr Hagelin pointed out that in the United States one hundred million Americans suffer from chronic illness for which modern medicine has no cure. When modern medicine does have cures, those medicines are known to have poisonous side effects. Therefore, it is vital that a new and healthy system of health care is promoted. For this, it is necessary that every country establish high class medical colleges and production facilities for healthy medicine.

These medical colleges will emphasize the principles of Maharishi Vedic Medicine, also known as Maharishi Ayur-Veda. Maharishi Vedic Medicine is preventative and neutralizes imbalances in the physiology. Dr Hagelin points out that whereas modern medicine treats the physiology on the molecular level, Maharishi Vedic Medicine is Consciousness-Based Medicine, or Unified Field-Based Medicine. Maharishi Vedic Medicine treats the physiology at the level of Total Natural Law, at the junction point where consciousness becomes physiology, restoring balance at this deepest level.

Maharishi has brought to light that health can never be complete unless it is Vedic—upheld by Total Natural Law. Maharishi medical colleges will train experts, who will guide their patients in aligning their physiology with Total Natural Law so that disease does not occur. These medical colleges will train doctors to prevent disease and imbalances and to establish a state of perfect health, or wholeness. To create balance and also to cure disease, Maharishi Vedic Medicine uses pure herbal preparations, subject to rigorous standards and tests, which are completely free from negative side effects, and which are holistic and therefore, more powerful than modern medicine.

4. Establishing universities, colleges, and schools in each country

The modern system of education, like modern medicine, has been recognized to be inadequate because it does not create an enlightened individual, and this is a loss to life everywhere. Maharishi has brought to light that unless awareness is established in the Unified Field of Natural Law, one can make mistakes and cause problems in his life. Maharishi Consciousness-Based Education teaches every student how to align his awareness, thoughts, and actions with Total Natural Law so that mistakes, problems, and suffering do not occur.

The curriculum of modern schools, colleges, and universities is based on providing partial knowledge of the Laws of Nature. Being in possession of this Total Knowledge of the Unified Field of Natural Law, Maharishi was inspired to offer this new knowledge through new universities, colleges, and schools. These universities, colleges, and schools will provide Total Knowledge of Natural Law to every student and develop full enlightenment in students in every country, so that the power of Total Knowledge will allow everyone to achieve anything that he would like. Students of Consciousness-Based Education blossom in enlightenment, bliss, and successful action, fulfilling their own desires while also nurturing society.

One new university of Consciousness-Based Education is Central University of America, a university at the geographical center of the United States, to provide Total Knowledge to students from each of the fifty United States plus from the 192 countries of the world. Central University of America will provide supreme leadership training, making its students experts in Unified-Field-Based Administration—administration which governs life from the Unified Field of Total Natural Law.

5. Producing healthy food through promoting organic agriculture

The value of organic agriculture has been realized worldwide and it has been recognized that non-organic food is poisonous. Instead of nourishing life, it damages life; so it is vital that all efforts are made to stop non-organic agriculture and promote organic agriculture in favour of healthy life in our world. Dr John Hagelin points out that toxin-free food is necessary for the proper functioning of the brain, for improved health and energy, for improved learning, and for enlightenment.

The demand for organic agriculture is growing rapidly. Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture will fulfil that need by providing top quality food, which is more than just organic. Utilizing ancient Vedic principles and procedures of agriculture, Maharishi Vedic Agriculture cultivates crops in a way that the nourishing power of Natural Law is enlivened to bring maximum nourishment to the population. These procedures include special Vedic recitation to the plants, to enliven Total Natural Law.


6. Reconstruction of the world in accord with Natural Law

People do not know that a great deal of suffering, anxiety, sickness, and negativity prevails amongst members of families due to the wrong orientation of their house. Therefore, the programme to reconstruct the homes and work places of all the people of the world is very necessary for the peace and happiness of every family.

Programme #2 to reconstruct all the buildings of the world, recognizes the ancient Vedic Science of building in accord with the Laws of Nature. This ancient Vedic Science of architecture, known as Sthapatya Veda, shows that, just as there are laws that govern good health, there are principles of building in accord with Natural Law, so that those buildings are conducive to good fortune, health, and harmonious relationships. For example, east-facing buildings gain the support of Natural Law and the life-giving Sun. The placement of rooms in these buildings is also for maximum health and good fortune. When one eats in the dining room, its placement is conducive to strong digestion. The bedroom is conducive to sleep, the meditation room for restful meditation, the work area for dynamic, productive work.

Since buildings are continually being built anyway, this programme will inspire new buildings to be built in accord with Natural Law to insure health and prosperity. Old buildings, which are mis-fortune creating buildings, will be torn down and replaced by these fortune-creating homes.

7. Eliminating poverty in the world

Removal of poverty is a project that is promoted by the deepest sentiment of life—that the nature of life is bliss; but we see that people around the world are exposed to scarcity and suffering. It is painful and shameful that half of our dear world family is living in dire poverty. Therefore on the level of the Movement, and even from the level of existing wealth in the world, efforts will be made to eliminate poverty and raise the standard of living of poor families in the world. The programme is to give to the poor education and training about the nature of life; and not to give them ‘minimum wages’ but a good level of wages, so that they can live in proper homes, have proper clothing and healthy food, and sufficient means for the education of their children (at least corresponding to the middle income bracket).

For this, the plan is to employ the poor and give them the skills of starting organic agriculture in their own country. There are more than 40 million hectares of unused, fertile, agricultural land in the world. This gift of God is available on earth, and by making use of it poverty can be eliminated in our world.

To summarize, the seven programmes, launched by the Global Financial Capital of New York, have their foundation in Total Knowledge of Natural Law and are spurred by the infinite organizing power of Natural Law, which is realigning life in an evolutionary direction, conducive for maximum progress, success, and fulfilment of the entire world. These programmes are bringing to fruition Maharishi’s desire of fifty years ago, to bring the blessings of the Himalayas to the people.

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"The potential of every student is infinite. The time of student life should serve to unfold that infinite potential so that every individual becomes a vibrant centre of Total Knowledge."—Maharishi

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