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When one knows the field of bliss and inner stability within, one radiates happiness and good will to others and receives the same from the environment.


Maharishi Consciousness-Based Education: Successful, satisfying  education

Part 3—Consciousness-Based Education for meeting career and personal goals, plus much more
(See May Archives for Part 2 & Part 1, entitled "Maharishi Consciousness-based Education')
by Global Good News staff writer
29 May 2007

College and university students are looking for an integrated, practical education that can prepare them for happiness, prosperity, and success in life. Students are looking for education which is successful in helping them meet both their career and personal goals. The following are among the needs, voiced by today’s college and university students:

Can the college or university I attend help me attain a fulfilling career and/or a good-paying job?
Will I satisfy my thirst for learning?
Will I come closer to attaining inner, lasting happiness?
Will I make close, meaningful relationships at college my university, or college?
Will I unfold my full potential here?
Will I find a way to contribute to global health, peace, prosperity, and ecological well being?

Clearly, most students still look to higher education to help them in attaining personal satisfaction, to land a good job, to make money, and often to establish rewarding personal relationships. In addition to wanting to prepare for a satisfying, profitable career, today most students also are deeply aware of their environment and profoundly committed to bettering, or at least not damaging, their world community and to promoting world peace and harmony. Students today know that they are world citizens, always connected to their global family.

Moreover, students today know they must expand their mental potential to meet the demands of fast-paced society. Not everyone is born a genius, and yet all students of today must draw maximum from their own inner intelligence in order to excel and keep pace with modern life. In addition, students of this generation are often seeking a new, stable spiritual foundation that is in accord with twenty-first century life and values.

Only Maharishi Consciousness-Based Education can fulfil students’ needs in all the above areas. Far more than this: Consciousness-Based Education elevates the student to his cosmic status, enabling him to tap the unified field of infinite bliss, intelligence, and organizing power at the foundation of the universe. In fact, the principles of Consciousness-Based Education uphold that this is the real purpose of education. Education which merely prepares one to earn a living greatly diminishes the huge royal status which is the birthright of every human being.

His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi has brought to light the profound knowledge that within every individual lies the Unified Field of Consciousness. All the Laws of Nature, which create and administer the entire ever-expanding universe, reside within this unbounded reservoir of creativity, intelligence, and bliss. Consciousness-Based Education, developed by Maharishi from the ancient Vedic Tradition of total knowledge of life, allows every student to open his awareness to the Unified Field of Consciousness, his own Self.

Through the practice of Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation Technique and an advanced techniques of the TM-Sidhi Programme, including Yogic Flying, the student of Consciousness-Based Education fathoms his infinite potential and begins to make use of it in daily life. Aligning his awareness with the Unified Field of all the Laws of Nature, the student taps an unbounded field of energy and Creative Intelligence. He aligns his awareness with the order, intelligence, and organizing power of Natural Law, which runs the universe. This enables the student to gain mastery of Natural Law and spontaneously govern his life for increased success.

Colleges and universities today can give a student intellectual knowledge to prepare for a career, and they can give knowledge about the environment and world ecology and political situation. However, in spite of their dedicated efforts, most colleges cannot ensure that a person’s career or behaviour will be mistake-free and successful. Even the highest-rated colleges cannot ensure that their students achieve lasting personal satisfaction, significantly expand inner potential, or satisfy the deeper needs of today’s youth.

In fact, the pressure of many universities and colleges can actually contribute to accumulated stress and strain. In addition, educational institutions, facing the vast, complex problems of world ecology and politics, can make only partial contributions for establishing world peace and ecological well-being. Due to these insufficiencies in modern education, Consciousness-Based Education has arisen as a noteworthy and necessary alternative.

Exactly how does Maharishi University education and Consciousness-Based Education offer to students education that is unique in the field of higher education? Here is a quick synopsis, related to students' goals of personal satisfaction, career achievement, rewarding personal relationships, development of one’s innate potential, and contributing to world harmony, and global ecological well-being:

Personal satisfaction: Inner fulfilment, at its deepest level, comes from direct experience of the unbounded bliss consciousness, during the experience of Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation Technique. This inner happiness then radiates to the student’s environment, drawing to the student rewarding interactions with his environment.

On the level of knowledge and action, personal satisfaction comes from gaining complete knowledge. Consciousness-Based Education provides the student with Total Knowledge, opening his awareness to the holistic value of all the Laws of Nature within his own consciousness. Total knowledge of Natural Law automatically enlivens greater ability for mistake-free, successful action.

Preparation for a successful career: When one is in tune with all Total Natural Law, then one’s thoughts and actions are life-supporting and positive, infused with maximum creativity, intelligence, and orderliness. Whatever career one chooses, one is better able to handle unexpected challenges, as well as its normal demands. One acts with less effort and strain, drawing from the field of infinite creativity and energy within. Thus one enjoys one’s work more. Total Natural Law spontaneously supports one’s desires, bringing effortless, mistake-free action, leading to success. This is like having a secret cosmic secretary who organizes one’s life perfectly every day for maximum success.

Rewarding personal relationships with fellow students, parents, and teachers: His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi points out that positive, nourishing relationships depend on one’s ability to appreciate one’s environment and to give. When one knows the field of bliss and inner stability within, then one enters into every relationship from a position of strength and positivity. One interprets and appreciates one’s family and friends in a positive way, and this, in turn, draws positive attention to one’s self. One radiates happiness and good will to others and receives the same from one’s environment. When there is a demanding situation, one is able to nourish and give maximum, drawing from one’s own inner energy.

Development of one’s full potential: Consciousness-Based Education allows the student to unfold his full inner potential of the student. It expands his consciousness to its full value. The student opens his awareness to total knowledge of Natural Law within, cultivating the ability to know anything and accomplish any positive desire.

Contributing to world harmony and global ecological balance and well being: The Unified Field of Consciousness is within everyone, the Self of everyone. Through the practice of Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi Programme, including Yogic Flying, students enliven Total Natural Law throughout the entire field. This influence is especially powerful when the TM-Sidhi Programme, including Yogic Flying, is practised in large groups.

In order to correct the environmental imbalances, and intense pockets of stress in the world today, no small action involving isolated Laws of Nature is sufficiently effective. The world problems are too great and complex. By enlivening Total Natural Law within the Unified Field, through attention, Natural Law wakes up throughout the entire underlying Unified Field. This creates a field-effect of consciousness, known as the Maharishi Effect. The result of the Maharishi Effect is that world ecology, political conflicts, and other global problems spontaneously return to balance.

Maharishi compares this to a wise gardener who addresses all the multiple problems of a plant through the one effective operation of watering the root of the plant. Enlivening Total Natural Law at the foundation of all existence is like watering the root of global society.

Thus, through Consciousness-Based Education, students can fulfil their goals and aspirations for their whole world family spontaneously. Taking a dive twice a day for fifteen or twenty minutes, into their inner field of peace, infinite creativity, bliss, and Total Natural Law allows them to help themselves and their nation, and to prepare for a rewarding future.

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"The potential of every student is infinite. The time of student life should serve to unfold that infinite potential so that every individual becomes a vibrant centre of Total Knowledge."—Maharishi

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