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By unfolding the full creative potential of the individual brain physiology through Yogic Flying, coherence is created in world consciousness. This is the basis of world peace.



Yogic Flying: Optimizing Brain Functioning through the Transcendental Meditation Programme
by Global Good News staff writer
15 October 2007

In his book, Maharishi speaks to Students, Maharishi gives a beautiful explanation of Yogic Flying.

In this explanation Maharishi began by saying that we can locate the seat of world peace in the coherently functioning brain physiology of the individual. By unfolding the full creative potential of the individual brain physiology through Yogic Flying, coherence is created in world consciousness, which is the basis of world peace.

'The principle of least action,' Maharishi said, 'which governs all activity in Nature with mathematical precision and order—and uses the skill of Natural Law to quietly accomplish everything— is available in its optimum value when brainwave coherence is maximum and awareness is in its simplest state—Transcendental Consciousness [experienced during Transcendental Meditation and Yogic Flying].

'During the Yogic Flying technique, at the moment of maximum coherence in brainwave activity, the body lifts up and begins to 'hop' (the first stage of flying). Simultaneously the individual experiences waves of exhilaration and profound stabilization of the silent level of awareness. This enlivens the creative intelligence of Natural Law in the individual brain physiology.

'As the practice advances, the increasing purity of the body and mind results in thought and action more and more in accord with Natural Law—more and more in the evolutionary direction of Natural Law—all thought, speech, action, and behaviour naturally progress in the evolutionary direction of Natural Law.'

Maharishi said that the result of this is a 'mistake-free, problem-free life' of maximum value to oneself and society. Thus Yogic Flyers demonstrate how to create coherent collective consciousness—national consciousness—in order to bring national law in alliance with Natural Law.

'The Yogic Flying technique accelerates the evolution of the individual to enlightenment—the state of fulfilment in which life is lived in full accord with Natural Law, free from suffering and problems.'

The phenomenon produced by Yogic Flying gives the experience of bliss and generates coherence between consciousness and the body. EEG studies have shown that during this phenomenon, when the body lifts up in the air, physiology and consciousness are completely integrated.

'This integration takes place at the level of the Unified Field of Natural Law, which has the character of infinite correlation,’ Maharishi explained. ‘The impulse of coherence from this level spontaneously reconstructs and transforms unnatural, stressful, negative, undesirable tendencies in the brain physiology, and brain functioning becomes coherent.

'Considering this phenomenon in the light of the Unified Field Theories of modern Physics and Quantum Cosmology, we understand that the scale of Super Unification at the level of the Unified Field is associated with a fundamental phase transition in the structure of Natural Law from a diversified state to a completely unified state.'

The defining characteristic of such a phase transition is that the 'correlation length', which is a measure of the connectedness or correlation of different components of a system, expands to finally become infinite.

At the scale of Super Unification all aspects of Natural Law at every point in the universe become infinitely correlated with each other. Every single Law of Nature functions in accordance with the holistic value of Natural Law, and this is how order is maintained through the evolutionary direction of the invincible organizing power of Natural Law.

'A delicate impulse at any one point in space and time,' Maharishi explains, 'can create a precipitous change throughout the entire universe. This long-range correlation explains how action on the level of the Unified Field, at the scale of Super Unification (the transcendental field of intelligence), can have a profound influence that can spread anywhere and everywhere throughout the universe.

'In this way the phenomenon of coherence of groups of Yogic Flyers spreads, neutralizing the negative tendencies in the whole society. This is how modern science validates Maharishi's programmes to provide perfect education to create enlightened individuals and a problem-free nation.'

From the perspective of Maharishi Vedic Science, from the Yoga Sutra, the teaching of Yoga and the experience of Transcendental Consciousness, comes the expression: 'In the vicinity of coherence (Yoga), hostile tendencies are eliminated.'

Thus both modern science and ancient Vedic science validate the phenomenon and influence of coherence experienced and created by Yogic Flyers during their Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi Programme.

Please see also the Maharishi Effect.

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"The potential of every student is infinite. The time of student life should serve to unfold that infinite potential so that every individual becomes a vibrant centre of Total Knowledge."—Maharishi

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