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The ideal system of gaining knowledge
by Global Good News staff writer
21 August 2008

This talk* was given by Maharishi in July 1972 at Humboldt State College, California, USA. 

Maharishi began by explaining that the Veda is the expression of the mechanics of creation and evolution. Every Vedic sound or name contains within it all the impulses that structure the qualities of the object or form to which it refers. 

'The entire purpose of Veda is contained in one Vedic hymn,' Maharishi said. 'Richo Ak-kshare parame vyoman (Rk Veda 1.164.39): "The hymns of the Veda are structured in the unmanifest, eternal, non-changing value of life." 

'On this fundamental level of life, which underlies and pervades all creation, all the Laws of Nature responsible for the whole universe are functioning. By opening one's awareness to this transcendental basis of life, one gains the knowledge of all the Laws of Nature—the impulses of Creative Intelligence—expressed in the Vedic hymns. 

'One who knows consciousness, the home of all the Laws of Nature, owns the home of all knowledge in his awareness. The emphasis of Vedic wisdom is to establish everyone's awareness on that non-changing level of Being, pure consciousness. From this level the hymns of the Veda are available to provide the total knowledge of creation,' Maharishi said. 

The Vedic hymns are not man-made; they are the expressions of Nature itself, bringing to light the mechanics of creation and evolution. 'Because the Vedic cognitions are the language of Nature, there is a perfect connection between the Vedic impulses and the processes of evolution governing every level of creation,' Maharishi said. 

Maharishi explained that in the Vedic system of education the student learns to recite hymns of the Veda, thereby structuring in his awareness expressions of the whole creation. As the student grows and his awareness develops, the complete meaning of every layer of the Vedic expressions progressively unfolds itself in him, until he owns the totality of knowledge in his awareness. 

Through regular practice of the Transcendental Meditation and Transcendental Meditation Sidhi Programme, consciousness becomes purer and purer, and deeper meanings of life unfold to the student. As his perception becomes deeper and more refined, the same hymns reveal deeper and deeper values of meaning. 

'Within the surface value of the Vedic expressions is contained the meaning of the deeper values of the object,' Maharishi continued. 'The deepest value of every object is the transcendental, unmanifest, absolute value. When the highest state of consciousness, Unity Consciousness, is attained, one perceives the absolute value within everything in creation. 

'The Vedic hymns, once memorized, give a man a treasury of knowledge that he can open to validate his experience on all levels of life—relative and absolute. In this way the absolute vision gained in Unity Consciousness becomes a living reality of daily life.' 

The steps of progress in life are in unfolding consciousness and thereby living more and more value of life, so that by the age of twenty-five the student should be a fully developed citizen. The entire purpose of the study of any field of knowledge is to make a man a home of all knowledge. 

Maharishi said that all fields of learning are open for specialization when the totality of knowledge has been structured in consciousness. 

'As the laws of creation and the laws of evolution are always the same—no matter when or where—the cognition of the mechanics of creation and evolution will always be the same. Therefore the expressions of the Veda can be known as an eternal language. 

'Once the knowledge is structured in the consciousness of the student, its applications become very automatic and spontaneous: as awareness grows, deeper meanings come up and are appreciated in practical experience.'

With this ideal system of education, by the age of twenty-five the student has the totality of knowledge structured in his consciousness and enters into the practicalities of the world as a responsible, fully developed citizen, whose actions will be right and most effective, accomplishing the goal at any time and with the ability to spontaneously fulfil his desires. 

* The main points of this talk are also presented in Maharishi's book Maharishi Speaks to Educators: Mastery over Natural Law.

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"The potential of every student is infinite. The time of student life should serve to unfold that infinite potential so that every individual becomes a vibrant centre of Total Knowledge."—Maharishi

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