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The science of pure knowledge, Maharishi's Vedic Science, enlivens all possibilities in the student's intelligence.



Enlivening the simplest form of awareness to gain mastery of the creative process
by Global Good News staff writer
12 August 2008

This beautiful talk was given in September 1980 in Seelisberg, Switzerland, and is included in Maharishi's book Maharishi Speaks to Educators: Mastery over Natural Law

'The seat of Natural Law, that intelligence which organizes all levels of life, is everywhere,' Maharishi began. 'Since the whole creation is so vast and varied, there are innumerable expressions of Natural Law, which are the different aspects of the organizing power of Nature. 

'When one lives the total potential of Natural Law in one's consciousness, one becomes as unbounded as the universe and one is able to do anything—this is the joy of life!' Maharishi said. 

He explained that the total potential of life resides in pure knowledge, and knowledge is organizing power. The main focus of education should be to enable the individual to own that pure knowledge that is available in the simplest form of our own awareness. 

'In the simplest form of awareness intelligence knows itself fully,' Maharishi said. 'It is only in intelligence knowing itself that the total potential of Natural Law can be open to itself and fully expressed on the level of human awareness. 

'When consciousness is in its simplest state, it is able to transform itself into any desired value. This pure state of consciousness is a field of all possibilities.' 

The simplest form of awareness is at the basis of everything in the manifest creation. At its source, every grain of creation is this pure awareness—pure knowledge and its organizing power—the self-sufficient field of all possibilities. 

'When this common source of all creation opens to one's awareness, then awareness becomes the common source of all creation,' Maharishi continued. 'This is the dignity of human awareness—a lively field of all possibilities.' 

Maharishi's Transcendental Meditation Technique cultures the mind to settle down to its simplest state, Transcendental Consciousness, the source of all creation. When the mind functions from that level, it is able to create anything at will. 

The Transcendental Meditation Sidhi Programme trains the mind to desire from the level of the simplest form of awareness. Desiring from this field of all possibilities transforms consciousness into the desired value. 'This is the mechanics of effortless, spontaneous creation,' Maharishi said. 

'The mechanics of creation is contained in the simplest form of awareness because of its structure as awareness,' he continued. 'The moment one has the ability to be aware, immediately one becomes the knower, the known, and the process of knowing. 

'When consciousness knows itself, it is its own knower, its own knowledge, and its own known. The existence of these three values in one unified structure of awareness is the basis for the process of creation to take place. This is why consciousness is the seat of infinite organizing power and creativity.' 

The simplest form of awareness functions from within itself. The cycle of its functioning is from within its own nature—knower, known, knowledge; knower, known, knowledge. 'This awareness somersaulting within itself can create anything. The whole creation is just a continuum of the creative process within the nature of pure awareness.' 

The science of pure knowledge, Maharishi's Vedic Science, enlivens all possibilities in the student's intelligence 'because it studies the structure of pure knowledge on all levels; senses, mind, intellect, self, cosmic Self. This study unfolds the totality of knowledge at every state of progress,' Maharishi said. 

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"The potential of every student is infinite. The time of student life should serve to unfold that infinite potential so that every individual becomes a vibrant centre of Total Knowledge."—Maharishi

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