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Students will gain direct experience of the Unified Field, utilizing the most advanced, scientifically proven educational technologies—the Transcendental Meditation programme and advanced techniques.



Why a high school for leadership?
by Global Good News staff writer
5 August 2008

The 21st Century requires wise leaders who can:
 * Embody positivity and harmony, and raise government and society to a new enlightened level where everyone is nourished and supported;
 * Rise to the highest levels of individual performance while enabling others to attain peak performance;
 * Achieve global harmony while supporting cultural traditions;
 * Achieve economic development for everyone while sustaining the earth's ecosystems.

Leaders who embody these qualities are rare in the world today. However, Maharishi Academy of Total Knowledge in New Hampshire, USA, which opens in the Fall of 2008 is designed to prepare students for maximum growth in just this direction of becoming wise leaders.
For true leadership qualities to become a living reality, education must actualize the full potential of the most precious resource of the country—the human brain of every citizen.

Consciousness-Based Education, which develops the brain of every student, has been shown by research to be singularly effective in producing students who grow in the most cherished qualities of human life and in the full expression of creativity, intelligence, and organizing power.

Students at universities and schools using Consciousness-Based Education have been found to be distinctly more committed academically, more alert, more healthy and balanced, more self-actualized, more satisfied with their education, more harmonious in their relationships, and more mature in moral judgment, compared to students at other educational institutions.

Maharishi Academy of Total Knowledge in New Hampshire, USA will accomplish these beautiful goals by employing these educational highlights:
  * Stress-free, supportive learning environment. Students and teachers learn the Transcendental Meditation Programme
  * Breakthrough learning technology—Consciousness-Based Education—that is transforming education across the globe
  * Excellent traditional academic curriculum, with the added value that all knowledge is connected back to the student. Each area of study becomes personal and relevant.
  * Development of inner intelligence or consciousness through the Transcendental Meditation Technique and its advanced programmes
  * Study of the Science of Creative Intelligence, leading to the full blossoming of creativity and intelligence
  * A scientifically validated technology of education that allows each student to develop his full inner potential
  * Proven examination and competition success
  * Dedicated and highly skilled teachers who care for each student
  * Single-gender education that promotes greater academic progress and general well-being
  * Dynamic and enjoyable learning environment
  * Boarding school setting which helps focus the student and promotes group dynamics and working together
  * Beautiful rural wooded 400-acre campus in New Hampshire
  * Campus free of smoking, alcohol, drugs, and bullying
  * Organic, vegetarian meals with emphasis on fresh foods grown locally
  * Healthy buildings and 'green campus' built in accordance with ancient Vedic building principles

What leadership qualities can be developed at Maharishi Academy?
  * The ability to not make mistakes. This can be achieved when the student is growing in intelligence and creativity each day through his practice of the Transcendental Meditation Technique
  * Health, happiness, and success, and the ability to not violate Natural Law
  * The ability to create innovative paths to progress in harmony with Natural Law. When the field of cosmic intelligence is lively in the student's awareness then he sees that it is possible to achieve anything.
  * The skill to inspire individuals to work together for a shared vision
  * The ability to awaken the Unified Field of consciousness in every undertaking thereby unifying the joyful world of differences; and the ability to avert negativity, discrimination, and behaviour damaging to human life
  * The capacity to bring out the best in others through improved teamwork and harmony, and the ability to help others grow in prosperity, progress, achievement, and fulfilment
  * The capability to act with broad comprehension while focusing sharply
  * The ability to maintain a high level of moral development

For more information about the Maharishi Academy and campus life, please visit:

To apply, please visit: http://www.maharishiacademy.org/admissions/

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"The potential of every student is infinite. The time of student life should serve to unfold that infinite potential so that every individual becomes a vibrant centre of Total Knowledge."—Maharishi

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