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'Now is the time when the inner value of life is blossoming through the knowledge of Vedic Science. Every individual will enjoy mastery over Natural Law, and every society will enjoy harmony, happiness, and unrestricted progress.'



Maharishi's Vedic Science: Systematic investigation into the structure of pure knowledge
by Global Good News staff writer

Speaking from Seelisberg, Switzerland, on 16 August 1980, Maharishi explained that Vedic Science is the systematic investigation into the structure of pure knowledge, the Veda.  'Pure knowledge is infinite organizing power, the total potential of Natural Law, which organizes the maintenance, growth, and fulfilment of creation. 

'Vedic Science, the science of knowledge, investigates the structure of knowledge itself,' Maharishi said. 'There are different structures of knowledge on different levels: senses, mind, intellect, ego, and cosmic ego. The state of full enlightenment, in which one realizes ''Everything is myself'', is the ultimate result of this enquiry into the structure of knowledge. 

'On the level of the cosmic ego there is unity between the subject, the object, and the relationship between the two. Vedic Science develops in the student this state of Unity Consciousness; this is why Vedic Science is the complete science of life. 

'On every level of knowledge, knowledge is structured in consciousness. When one's awareness is established on the cosmic level of consciousness, Unity Consciousness, then all levels of knowledge become integrated in one holistic structure of knowledge.' 

Modern science investigates specific Laws of Nature. Vedic Science delivers the home of all the Laws of Nature in one's awareness, so that one can function spontaneously according to all the Laws of Nature. In this way Vedic Science unfolds the total potential of the individual and raises it to the level of Cosmic Life, thereby making one capable of achieving anything. 

'The Veda, pure knowledge, is the impulses of consciousness. In the cognition of the Veda, pure consciousness itself cognizes its own nature, which is the totality of the impulses of Natural Law,' Maharishi explained. 'The Veda cannot be studied in books, but only on the level of pure consciousness.' 

The Transcendental Meditation and Transcendental Meditation Sidhi Programme cultures in individual consciousness the ability to function from within its own unmanifest nature, [the level of pure consciousness]. Through this technology of consciousness all possibilities are enlivened in one's awareness and one can function from within oneself as a self-sufficient, universal individual. 

'As one's consciousness becomes more lively within itself, more and more values of the Veda—pure knowledge—dawn in one's awareness, until eventually one's awareness becomes the field of pure knowledge itself,' Maharishi continued. 

'Pure knowledge is the basis of all creation—every fibre of creation is permeated with pure knowledge, the Veda. In the process of transcending one experiences the field of pure knowledge, which is unboundedness, unity, perfect orderliness, the field of all possibilities, the home of the Laws of Nature, wholeness of life. 

'Yo jagar tam richah kamayante (Rk Veda, 5.44.14)—He who is awake, the Vedic hymns seek him out,' Maharishi said, quoting from Rk Veda. 'The Vedic hymns or expressions of Natural Law, are cognized in that state of consciousness which is fully awake within itself. This is the cognition of the full potential of Natural Law by itself on its own level. 

'When the inner value of life is lost to awareness, life becomes full of problems because it is not nourished from its inner source. Now is the time when the inner value of life is blossoming through the knowledge of Vedic Science. Every individual will enjoy mastery over Natural Law, and every society will enjoy harmony, happiness, and unrestricted progress.' 

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"The potential of every student is infinite. The time of student life should serve to unfold that infinite potential so that every individual becomes a vibrant centre of Total Knowledge."—Maharishi

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