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'When the Veda is open to human awareness, Natural Law is fully lively in world consciousness and the organizing power of Nature displays its full potential, bringing success to every undertaking of everyone on earth.'    —Maharishi




Maharishi's Vedic Science: The science of Nature as a whole
by Global Good News staff writer
16 September 2008

In this talk given in Seelisberg, Switzerland in September 1980, and published in his book Maharishi Speaks to Educators: Mastery over Natural Law, Maharishi explains that the Veda, 'the language of Nature', which describes the structure, range, and possibilities of human awareness, allows us to verify the reliability of our experiences in the simplest form of awareness.

This talk is a continuation of Maharishi's talk entitled 'Enlivening the simplest form of awareness to gain mastery of the creative process', featured by Excellence in Action on 12 August 2008.

'When the quiet state of awareness functions within itself, it knows its own fabrics. These expressions of Natural Law in the unmanifest are the speech of Nature, the language of pure knowledge, the Veda,' Maharishi said.

Vedic Science is the science of Nature as a whole. Modern science examines the isolated values of Natural Law, while Vedic Science awakens in the simplest form of awareness the total potential of Natural Law. The study of Vedic Science is in the field of consciousness.

'The story of the Veda is not spoken by anyone,' Maharishi said. 'It is the eternal speech of Nature at the basis of all creation. "Nitya apaurusheyo Vedah" means the eternal, uncreated Veda.

'The structure of pure knowledge, the Veda, is not ancient; it is not a thing of the past. Being eternal, Veda is as modern as it is ancient.

'Each structure of knowledge has a value on its own level of consciousness. The structure of pure knowledge is available in its totality on the level of the cosmic Self. On this level one perceives all structures of knowledge as oneself.

'The Veda is an eternal reality of life, which can be cognized by anyone at any time. When the Veda is open to human awareness, Natural Law is fully lively in world consciousness, and the organizing power of Nature displays its full potential, bringing success to every undertaking of everyone on earth.'

Maharishi then explained that as awareness becomes more and more refined through Maharishi's Transcendental Meditation and Transcendental Meditation Sidhi Programme, 'the mechanics of Nature's functioning begin to be clearly perceived. These finer levels of perception discover the different levels of transformation of consciousness into different forms of creation. When these finer levels of awareness know themselves very clearly, they know their own values as different specific expressions of Natural Law, which are contained in their totality in the simplest form of awareness.

'The Vedic records verify these experiences, but one's awareness alone unfolds its own value from within itself.

'These authentic Vedic records are of two kinds: the Vedic language itself, which is an eternal reality at the basis of creation and the speech of Nature in the transcendent, and the human language that most nearly expresses the completeness and exactness of the language of Nature.

'This human language is Sanskrit, which means “purified speech”—that speech which purifies human speech so that it becomes the speech of Nature.

'It is said in the Vedic Literature that the Language of Nature should be the language of man. When human awareness is established in Transcendental Consciousness, speech is from the level of infinite correlation; then human speech is in tune with the speech of Nature.

'The Vedic expressions are the eternal, absolute, non-changing expressions of the mechanics of Nature. These expressions are translated for their maximum value in the Sanskrit language, whose breath is derived from the Vedic Grammar. The Vedic language is uncreated, while the Sanskrit language is a human creation.

'The Veda exists in the Atma, the Self. It is the reverberation of the unmanifest Self, which rises through the levels of the intellect and the mind and then bursts forth into speech.'

Maharishi concluded by saying that in the Vedic language sound and meaning are the same. 'The Vedic language cannot be translated because if we change the sound, the meaning also changes. It is possible, however, to open one's awareness to the Veda so that awareness becomes that lively potential of Natural Law.'

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"The potential of every student is infinite. The time of student life should serve to unfold that infinite potential so that every individual becomes a vibrant centre of Total Knowledge."—Maharishi

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