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Scientific studies have shown that when stress is reduced in collective consciousness through Maharishi's Technology of the Unified Field, the performance of the economy improves.



Bringing holistic economic development to every nation
by Global Good News staff writer
21 December 2009

In his address to a World Assembly on Vedic Science on 15 July 1985 in Washington, DC, USA, Maharishi explained that during one’s practice of the Transcendental Meditation Programme, one experiences the self-referral functioning of Nature and finds that functioning on this level does not consume energy. Instead it revitalizes one’s energy. 

This talk by Maharishi was published in his book Maharishi Speaks to Students: Mastery over Natural Law to give them his unique understanding of aligning oneself with the economy of Natural Law. 

Maharishi explained that his technologies of consciousness, the technologies of the Unified Field, ‘enable the individual to inherit the economical functioning of Nature in his daily life, thereby making all his activity as orderly, profound, and evolutionary as the activity of Nature.’ 

The human brain, which Maharishi said is the most precious possession of a nation, is a cosmic computer that can produce anything through proper programming.

‘With the proper programming of brain functioning, which is available through the Technology of the Unified Field [the Transcendental Meditation Programme], and with millions of “Cosmic Computers” available in the brains of the people of the nation, no nation need ever suffer from scarcity,’ Maharishi continued. ‘Every nation has an opportunity to rise to that state of economy whereby every individual’s brain physiology commands the total potential of Natural Law.’ 

Maharishi said that basing the economy of a nation on the level of currency regulation or distribution of wealth is too superficial to achieve a fulfilling economy.

‘Substantial, fulfilling economy is gained in the state of Unity Consciousness*, in which any activity is self-referral, self-evolving, and revitalizing. 

‘People will work less, and accomplish more,’ he said. ‘Wear and tear on the physiology and psychology of the workers will be less, leading to more evolution and joy in their lives. There will be greater efficiency and greater national productivity through increased proficiency with Nature’s style of functioning. 

‘This will be the result of the Unified Field-Based System of Economy—fulfilling economy through the Technology of the Unified Field.’ 

Whatever the state of economy of a country, developed or underdeveloped, no country today is self-sufficient. Industrially advanced countries are dependent on their markets in the underdeveloped countries. Underdeveloped countries are dependant on the developed nations for aid and income.   

‘The only way for an economy to be self-sufficient,’ Maharishi said, ‘is to have the Technology of the Unified Field become a common practice in the nation; then Nature’s economy will guide the destiny and progress of the whole nation.’ 

The Unified Field-Based System of Economy maintained on the level of administration of any government will revitalize the government, allowing it to display more organizing power and to function with maximum efficiency. Law and order will be more spontaneous and profound. ‘The government of the nation will match the government of the universe,’ Maharishi said.
‘It is a very great time in the history of the human race that this knowledge of the Unified Field from modern science and Vedic Science is available. As the Governors of the Age of Enlightenment [teachers of Transcendental Meditation], who are experts is the Technology of the Unified Field, are purifying world consciousness, a proper sense of proportion is dawning in the national consciousness of every country. This will induce in the governments the desire to adopt this most highly developed knowledge of economics. 

Maharishi concluded: ‘Every individual and every government is invited to adopt the Technology of the Unified Field so that all countries can rise above scarcity and problems. The government and people of every country now have a chance to create Heaven on Earth.’

* Maharishi explains that beyond the familiar states of waking, dreaming, and sleeping are four higher states of consciousness, Cosmic Consciousness, God Consciousness, and Unity Consciousness each bringing a new dimension of physiological functioning, experience, knowledge, and fulfilment.  

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"The potential of every student is infinite. The time of student life should serve to unfold that infinite potential so that every individual becomes a vibrant centre of Total Knowledge."—Maharishi

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