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Peace-creating groups, such as these 4000 practitioners of the Transcendental Meditation and TM Sidhi programme who gathered in Washington, DC, in 1983, can create an indomitable influence of harmony and coherence that purifies the collective consciousness of the entire world, and can create a permanent state of world peace.



Maharishi’s Unified Field-Based Defence—creating world peace
by Global Good News staff writer
17 November 2009

This talk by Maharishi, published in his book Maharishi Speaks to Students: Mastery over Natural Law, is particularly timely, because the current approach of the Global Country of World Peace to creating world peace is through Consciousness-Based Education: training thousands of students around the world in the Transcendental Meditation and Transcendental Meditation Sidhi Programme, including Yogic Flying, so that they can practise together in groups as part of their educational programme, to create coherence in national consciousness and invincibility for the nation. 

In this talk on 8 November 1973 in Washington, DC, USA, Maharishi said that the need for defence has its basis in weakness. The most effective strategy of defence will prevent weakness so that the need for defence does not arise. 

‘The Unified Field [of Natural Law] exemplifies the supreme ideal of defence,’ Maharishi said. ‘It is so absorbed within itself that nothing can penetrate it; any boundary trying to penetrate it loses its identity and becomes it. This is the infinitely invincible nature of the Unified Field.’ 

When a sufficient number of individuals in a nation [the square root of one per cent of the population] practise Yogic Flying in a large group, identifying their consciousness with the Unified Field, then national consciousness becomes identified with the Unified Field and that infinitely powerful strategy of defence is automatically structured in the life of the nation. 

‘Gaining support of the Unified Field means gaining infinite power, infinite vitality, all possibilities,’ Maharishi continued. ‘In this state the need for defence does not arise. 

‘Whenever support from the Unified Field is unavailable, there is weakness, resulting in a lack of confidence, a state of fear. Stress is born and the need for defence is created.’ 

Maharishi explained that a nation that is invincible will never face the opposition of anyone, because being completely fulfilled, it will radiate the influence of fulfilment. ‘It will support and enrich its neighbours, so it will never need to think of defending itself, he said. 

‘Alignment with the Unified Field means alignment with the total potential of Natural Law,’ Maharishi said. ‘In this state the infinite organizing power of Natural Law is at our command—all possibilities are completely lively.’ 

Maharishi also gave the insight that when we function from the level of the Unified Field, all the elements necessary to fulfil a desire are lively at the inception of the desire. By the time the desire is completely formulated, the fulfilment of the desire is delivered. 

‘The desire is instantly fulfilled,’ he said, ‘because we are functioning at a level where space-time differences do not exist. In that state there is no friction or stress, and no energy is consumed. On the other hand, energy is produced. 

‘In that state there is complete self-sufficiency; whatever is needed is computed long before its arrival.  
‘Infinite balance belongs to the structure of the Unified Field, and in that state of balance there is absolutely freedom, which cannot be challenged,’ he said. 

Maharishi then explained that in Unified Field-Based Civilization it will not be necessary for any government to have a department of defence, because no government will breathe life in weakness or doubt.  

‘Life will be lived according to Natural Law, with no one making mistakes and everyone enjoying affluence, self-sufficiency, and great dignity of life,’ he said. 

‘When the full potential of Natural Law is stabilized in human awareness, then existence, progress, and fulfilment will automatically be secured. The strategy of living is built into the style of living. When the whole of life is supported by the Unified Field, then invincibility, immortality, and self-sufficiency are built into daily life.’ 

Only the state of non-life, the field of change, could possibly need to defend itself, because anything that changes is subject to death, Maharishi added. ‘The Unified Field is life: it is non-changing, eternal, immortal, self-sufficient, infinitely fulfilled.’ 

The best strategy of defence is the development of self-sufficiency in life—Unified Field-based life. For that the first step is to take the attention to the Unified Field through Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation Programme. 

Maharishi explained that ‘when the awareness is fully awake within itself, completely self-referral, it experiences its own structure. Yo jagar tam richah kamayante (Rk Veda 5.44.14.), “He who is awake, the Richa or Laws of Nature, seek him out.” Then all thought and action is supported by Natural Law.’ 

The simple, effortless pursuit of the Unified Field is a most efficient strategy to bless the nation not only with invincible defence, but with anything the nation could demand. The human brain is the hardware of the Cosmic Computer, Maharishi said, which can achieve anything through proper programming, ‘and therefore every government already has all that it needs to raise the nation to any height of progress and fulfilment,’ he said.
‘The need for defence arises when the people are not educated to think and act spontaneously according to Natural Law. Invariably they keep on violating the Laws of Nature, resulting in the accumulation of stress, which is the cause of all problems. The solution to all problems is life according to Natural Law.’ 

There has been a lack of proper education about Natural Law throughout the ages ‘because of the very nature of the Unified Field itself: the Unified Field of all the Laws of Nature, being completely unmanifest, expresses itself in the diverse forms of the manifest universe, and in this way it hides itself and comes to be forgotten. 

‘When one finds the Unified Field,’ Maharishi continued, ‘it is the finding of something that was never lost. Without doing, we begin to live the Unified Field and radiate that quality of life to bless the whole nation with eternal freedom and all possibilities. 

‘When a nation is not self-sufficient, it radiates weakness, which hurts the Natural Law of the neighbouring country. The offence inevitably returns to the nation. Therefore if an enemy is born, it is one’s own creation. 
‘Equally, if a friend is born, it is one’s own creation. When we are the friend of the Unified Field, we are the common friend of all.’ 

It will be the great joy and responsibility of the youth of every nation to realize this global ideal of friendliness—to bless their nation with invincibility and create perpetual peace for the world. 

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"The potential of every student is infinite. The time of student life should serve to unfold that infinite potential so that every individual becomes a vibrant centre of Total Knowledge."—Maharishi

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