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The I-Ching is about the ever-changing, never-changing Laws of Nature and their simplicity, which can be experienced throught the Transcendental Meditation Technique.



Maharishi University of Management faculty speak in China on I-Ching
by Global Good News staff writer
27 November 2009

Maharishi University of Management faculty members Bill Graff and Zhu Yunxiang presented papers at the 20th Annual I-Ching Conference and at the Third International Forum of Traditional Culture to Promote Science and Technology Innovation, both held in Anyang City, China last month.

Anyang claims to be the home of the Chinese eternal Book of Changes, also know as I-Ching or Yi Jing (modern translation). The I-Ching is about the ever-changing, never-changing Laws of Nature and their simplicity.

Professor Graff and Dr. Zhu were invited as special guests, sitting on stage during the opening ceremony of the conference of 500 Chinese I-Ching and Dao
experts from all over the world. Professor Graff was the only Westerner present, and he was honored by being invited to deliver opening remarks to all attendees. He spoke about Maharishi University of Management, Maharishi Vedic Science, and their relation to the Chinese understanding of the Dao.

"Professor Graff offered an introduction to the Transcendental Meditation technique in a breakout session that was very well received," Dr. Zhu said.

Dr. Zhu gave a presentation titled '"Fish Can Not Leave Deep Waters, Man Can Not Leave the Source," focusing on the changing and non-changing nature of the Dao, Unified Field, and experience of the Dao through the Transcendental Meditation technique.

"This led the audience to think deeply why the ancient sages can recognize how the universe is formed and how the natural laws operate, and why they were able to articulate and diagram the complex universe in eight simple strokes," Dr. Zhu said.

He said that most experts focus on an academic exploration and articulation of the I-Ching. "My presentation gave audiences a fresh look from modern
science, Maharishi Vedic Science, and the experiential aspect of the Dao. I exceeded my allocated time, but the host and audience asked me to continue and kept asking questions. They were happy to hear the understanding of I-Ching in light of Maharishi Vedic Science."

After his presentation, Dr. Zhu was invited as a guest of honor to attend the 13th World Conference of I-Ching next June in China.

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