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The practice of Transcendental Meditation allows students to express themselves with ease, comfort, maximum clarity, and creativity—and with the most beneficial, life-supporting effect for the environment.



Opening individual awareness to the Unified Field for ideal behaviour
by Global Good News staff writer
11 November 2009

In his book Maharishi Speaks to Students, Maharishi explained that all desires, actions, attitudes, and relationships are the expression of one’s own inner feelings. The expression of different feelings is natural, whereas trying to hide feelings is unnatural and will create stress.

Maharishi further explained that once one’s awareness opens to itself, the Unified Field, through the practice of the Transcendental Meditation technique, it is open to a state of perfect satisfaction, infinite unbounded awareness, where the most profound and perfect computation of the expression of feeling is achieved.

‘Then one can be completely carefree in expressing feelings, because they will never be out of place in the environment; they will enrich the environment in the most simple manner.

‘Simplicity brings success,’ Maharishi said. ‘That is why it is repeatedly stated throughout the teaching of the Transcendental Meditation Sidhi programme that the simplest form of awareness is the lively field of all possibilities.’

Maharishi points out that people are afraid to face others because they have never been given the opportunity to face themselves. ‘The ability to face others lies in maintaining one’s own identity.

‘Ignorance of one’s own identity results in the habit of being identified with everything one experiences, which causes the whole nervous system to become fatigued. This leads to the sleep state, in which the Self is not completely available.’

Maharishi explained that maintaining self-awareness, the state of the Unified Field, is the only way to bring freedom in the midst of boundaries—‘the whole creation becomes our own untiring activity.’

In Transcendental Consciousness one directly experiences the completely self-referral state of the Unified Field, in which there is nothing other than itself. ‘When the Unified Field begins to appreciate its own expression, then some kind of separation starts to be experienced,’ Maharishi continued.

‘This perception of something different along with one’s own awareness is the beginning of Cosmic Consciousness. We call it Cosmic Consciousness because its status includes two opposite values: self-referral and expression-referral, or object-referral.’

When the boundaries become predominant, wholeness becomes hidden. This is a state of ignorance, where the boundary does not know its own unbounded source.

‘We allow the boundary to become neutralized by the experience of unbounded awareness, the completely self-referral state [during Transcendental Meditation],’ Maharishi said. ‘Since this state is so fulfilling, it becomes established even when the experience of a boundary occurs—Cosmic Consciousness is just a very established state of Transcendental Consciousness.’

Cosmic Consciousness is a necessary stage in the growth towards Unity Consciousness. ‘In Cosmic Consciousness the Unified Field co-exists with its boundaries, but in Unity the boundaries are “my’” own expression. The Unified Field does not distinguish between its expressions and itself; it absorbs all expressions and knows that “I am the Totality”.'

The growing experience of Unity brings complete satisfaction and fulfilment to the heart and emotions. It allows one to express one’s feelings with ease and comfort and to give expression to one’s growing inner awareness with maximum clarity and creativity—and with the most beneficial, life-supporting effect for oneself and the environment.

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"The potential of every student is infinite. The time of student life should serve to unfold that infinite potential so that every individual becomes a vibrant centre of Total Knowledge."—Maharishi

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