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Unified Field-Based Education develops utmost simplicity in the awareness of the student, which enables him to spontaneously harness the total potential of Natural Law.



Maharishi’s Unified Field-Based integrated system of education
by Global Good News staff writer
21 October 2009

In a talk given on 7 November 1983 in Washington, DC, USA, Maharishi explained that the reality of the Unified Field is the reality of the universe—infinite diversity within unity, wholeness with all its parts. ‘The Unified Field is always lively in all its expressions of diversity,’ he said. ‘The whole universe is an expression of the Unified Field [of Natural Law]; therefore the whole field of knowledge, power, freedom, and dignity belongs to the Unified Field.’ 

Thus Unified Field-Based Education delivers the ‘fruit of all knowledge,’ Maharishi said, ‘the possession of all power, the ability to accomplish anything at will.’ 

Unified Field-Based Education means that whatever part of knowledge a student studies he knows it with reference to the wholeness of the Unified Field. Every lesson is taught with reference to the source of the discipline, which is the Unified Field. 

‘Self-referral is the essential character of the Unified Field,’ Maharishi continued. ‘In Unified-Field-Based Education, every part of knowledge is taught in terms of the Self—knowledge of everything remains lively in the simplest form of awareness of the student. That liveliness of the basis of all knowledge is greatly enriching to the parts of knowledge, the expressions of the Unified Field.’ 

[This system of education, the Unified Field-Based Integrated System of Education, is now known as Consciousness-Based Education since by virtue of its quality of self-referral, the Unified Field of Natural Law is also identified as consciousness, the same self-referral intelligence of the student.]  

According to Information Theory, knowledge has organizing power. Once human awareness is open to the field of all knowledge in the Unified Field, human awareness becomes lively in terms of all the organizing power of Nature. ‘Innumerable directions of the expression of intelligence can be commanded by the simplest state of the intelligence of the student,’ Maharishi continued. 

‘Unified Field-Based Education trains the student to desire from the Unified Field. Since the Unified Field is self-referral, this desiring is the desiring of the Unified Field, the desiring of the infinite creative potential of the organizing power of Nature. Therefore, every desire is instantly fulfilled. 

‘If one’s desire is not fulfilled, some link in the mechanism of self-referral performance has been missed. There can be only one mistake—lack of simplest form of awareness.’ 

‘The Unified Field of all the Laws of Nature is infinitely dynamic and infinitely silent,’ Maharishi continued. ‘In the coexistence of these two opposite values all possibilities are lively.’  

Maharishi then explained that in Unified Field-Based Education, each theory within a particular discipline is shown emerging from the Unified Field, and in this way it is connected with all other theories of that discipline. Through this approach the totality of each discipline is ingrained in the student’s mind as emerging from the Unified Field. 

‘The student learns that the Unified Field is self-referral in its structure. Then during the practice of Transcendental Meditation, he locates that value in his own experience of Transcendental Consciousness, the self-referral state of awareness. 

‘The student learns that this self-referral Unified Field is a self-sufficient field of all possibilities—that all physical and behavioural values in the universe spring from this field. In this way the student sees that all branches of knowledge and therefore all aspects of organizing power in nature are the different expressions of his own intelligence. He gains infinite confidence that he can do anything.’ 

Identified with all possibilities of the Unified Field within his own self-referral awareness, the awareness of the student also becomes a field of all possibilities. 

Maharishi explained that if one is efficient in the Unified Field, one is efficient in all aspects of the whole, vastly expanded universe. He quoted the Vedic expression from the Upanishads that says Kasminnu bhagavo vigyate sarvam idam vgiyatam bhavatiti, ‘Know that by knowing which everything can be known.’  

Unified Field-Based Education—Consciousness-Based Education—develops that utmost simplicity in the awareness of the student, which enables him to spontaneously harness the total potential of Natural Law. ‘All the elements that are necessary for the fulfilment of his desire are spontaneously computed in the emergence of the desire, in the growth and flow of the desire, until the desire is completely formulated,’ Maharishi said. ‘By the time the desire is fully developed, the fulfilment of the desire is there.’ 

Unified Field-Based Education ‘triggers the growth of simplicity of awareness’ in the student. ‘When the student is not given total knowledge [direct experience of the Unified Field during the practice of the Transcendental Meditation Programme] and he delves deeply into the details of one area, he finds greater fields of the unknown lying ahead.  

‘Unified Field-Based Education exposes the totality of knowledge to the awareness of the student as the basis of whatever isolated parts of knowledge he is studying. Thereby the student finds “I know everything.” Infinite self-confidence develops along with the awareness of total knowledge. 

‘The Unified Field is absolutely simple,’ Maharishi continued. ‘If it were a little bit crooked or complicated, it would not survive in all the expressed values of creation. The Unified Field is simply present in every one of its own expressions, and that simplicity is the simplicity of its self-referral nature. In the simplicity, all possibilities, infinity, and self-sufficiency are lively.’ 

When the student starts to practise the Transcendental Meditation Sidhi Programme, ‘he learns how an impulse of the simplest form of awareness is capable of spontaneously accomplishing its desire,’ Maharishi said. ‘From that level he can create anything by mere desiring, and in this process no energy is consumed. After the practice the student feels greater vitality.’ 

In the self-referral functioning of the Unified Field, there is no loss of energy; vitality is maintained eternally. ‘This self-referral functioning becomes ingrained in the nature of the student through Unified Field-Based Education.’ 

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"The potential of every student is infinite. The time of student life should serve to unfold that infinite potential so that every individual becomes a vibrant centre of Total Knowledge."—Maharishi

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