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‘When the nature of the Unified Field is fully lively in national consciousness, the infinite balance of the Unified Field will be reflected in the consciousness of the government.’
— Maharishi



Unified Field-Based Education—the foundation for Unified Field-Based Government
by Global Good News staff writer
31 October 2009

In the second half of his talk about Unified Field-Based Education given in Washington, DC, USA, on 7 November 1983, Maharishi explained that since Unified Field-Based Education makes the individual a lively field of all possibilities, it plays an important role in every aspect of the organization of a society or nation.

Unified Field-Based Education is the foundation for Unified Field-Based Government,’ Maharishi said. ‘Government’s main responsibility is to create balance in society—to regulate the divergent tendencies of the people in such a way that every activity is supportive of every other activity.

‘This ability is found in the Unified Field, which is the common source of the infinite variety of tendencies in the universe and which regulates them so that every tendency is a joy to every other tendency. Thus the ideal of any government is the administration of Nature.’

Government is the innocent mirror of the nation. ‘When the nature of the Unified Field is fully lively in national consciousness, the infinite balance of the Unified Field will be reflected in the consciousness of the government. Then the government will win the confidence of the people and of other governments—it will not be tossed about by circumstances created within the country or outside its borders.

 ‘If education is not Unified Field-Based,’ Maharishi continued, ‘it will develop frustration in the people. When frustration is normal in society, then mistakes, stress, and conflicts are normal. Neither the government nor the people enjoy freedom.’

Maharishi then explained that during this time of transition of education in the age of ignorance to education of the Age of Enlightenment, ‘we are faced with a vicious circle of dependence: education depends on government and government depends on how the people are educated. 

‘However, with the awakening of the Unified Field in world consciousness, the trends of Nature are becoming more evolutionary, and governments are beginning to respond and implement Unified Field-Based Education.’

Unified Field-Based Education will create spontaneously balanced behaviour, behaviour that honours Natural law. Therefore the dignity and effectiveness that belong to Natural Law will begin to characterize national law.

‘The laws of a nation are made on the basis of how people behave,’ Maharishi said. ‘Behaviour, in turn, is inspired by Natural Law from within. When behaviour is spontaneously right and evolutionary from inside, the government will not have to impose restrictions from outside.

‘Punishing anyone only demonstrates a government’s inability to govern—its inability to satisfy the diverse tendencies of the whole population. This is due to the ineffectiveness of education.’

Through Unified Field-Based Education the desires of every man will be fulfilled, and all possible divergent desires will be evolutionary, supported by Natural Law. ‘In this education of society we see the possibility for government to rise to the same effectiveness and perfection of organization with which Natural Law governs the vast universe,’ Maharishi concluded.

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"The potential of every student is infinite. The time of student life should serve to unfold that infinite potential so that every individual becomes a vibrant centre of Total Knowledge."—Maharishi

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