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Decreased crime, sickness, and accident rates indicate neutralization of imbalance in Nature. When greater balance in Nature is established, the path of evolution becomes free from resistance.



Bringing life in accord with the natural law of the land to create balance in Nature
by Global Good News staff writer
5 October 2009

In 1974, it was found that when only 1% of a population practises the Transcendental Meditation Technique, there is a marked decrease in crime rate, hospital admissions, and other indicators of the quality of life.

This decreased crime, sickness, and accident rates indicate neutralization of imbalance in Nature. When greater balance in Nature is established, the path of evolution becomes free from resistance. The natural forces that influence life in the area are less obstructed.

On 28 December 1974, on Lake Lucerne, Switzerland, Maharishi spoke in detail about this phenomenon. He explained that ‘when greater balance in Nature is established, the path of evolution becomes free from resistance’.

He said that natural forces, or the impulses of Creative Intelligence, differ throughout the world due to different climatic and geographic conditions. ‘These impulses of Creative Intelligence promote the functioning of specific values of the Laws of Nature that support the growth of life, giving rise to the cultural values of an area.

‘When the style of living of people in different areas becomes strained, life becomes unnatural. The Laws of Nature are not able to support fully the evolutionary process, and imbalance is created. This influences everything in the area—weather conditions, fertility of the soil, the thinking and creativity of the people—creating resistance to the natural pace of evolution.’

Maharishi explained that this imbalance in Nature originates from the disorderliness in the functioning of the brain, which radiates from the individual and accumulates in the atmosphere. Greater disorderliness or stress in the individuals results in greater imbalance in Nature, which results in more suffering. ‘It is the individual who creates his environment and then is influenced by it,’ Maharishi said.

The Transcendental Meditation Technique has been shown to create orderliness in the brain of the individual, which generates positivity in his environment.

‘Life is in proper order in the state of Cosmic Consciousness,’ Maharishi said. ‘In this state, unbounded awareness is maintained along with the ability to focus sharply. The coexistence of the opposite values of unbounded awareness and the awareness of boundaries is a state of infinite integration and perfect balance.

‘In that state of perfect balance the awareness is established in the home of all the Laws of Nature, the unmanifest field of life, the basis of all creativity. When all the Laws of Nature are lively in our awareness, they can function at their full potential, free from resistance. Then the pace of evolution is maximum. Every activity is supported by all the Laws of Nature, and life is in accordance with the culture of the area.’

The significance of the word ‘culture’ is to raise, educate, and refine. Every area has its own culture and in order for life to be in accordance with culture, it must be lived from the basis of culture, the home of all the Laws of Nature. From this level, every impulse of thought and action is supported by all the Laws of Nature, and activity is in perfect balance.

Maharishi explained that imbalance means disorder and balance means order. No imbalance can ever be located in the most orderly, integrated state of awareness, which scientific research has shown is created in brain functioning through the practice of Transcendental Meditation.

It has been shown that when one per cent of the individuals in a society practise Transcendental Meditation, and have orderly brainwave functioning, the disorderly tendencies of the other 99% are reduced. A phase transition occurs in the functioning of the previous strained Laws of Nature.

As a result, balance grows and evolutionary tendencies thrive. As the number of practitioners of Transcendental Meditation in a city increases year after year, statistics will show more and more reduction in negative tendencies in life.

Scientific research has demonstrated that orderly functioning of the brain of the individual is the key element to promote balance in Nature, to improve the physiology, psychology, sociology, and ecology.

Maharishi explained that the development of orderliness during Transcendental Meditation occurs in two strokes: the inward stroke of the mind in the direction of deep silence creates increasing orderliness. In this inward stroke the awareness experiences increasing charm and provides a soothing influence for the whole body. This soothing influence allows the process of release of stress.

The same process of release of stress will be seen on the level of the whole world as the number of practitioners of Transcendental Meditation increases. ‘It is not possible for human intelligence to evaluate how to rectify the imbalance in Nature, because a culture, the expression of Natural Laws, is composed of innumerable elements,’ Maharishi continued.

‘What we must do is take recourse to the functioning of Nature, and, in a natural way, through Transcendental Meditation, allow the mind to gain unbounded awareness so that the disorderly brain functions in a more orderly manner. This is our programme to create balance in Nature.

‘Due to increased balance in Nature in an area, a more full value of life will be lived. Suffering and weakness will be eliminated; happiness, strength, and success will be promoted.

‘Nature knows best how to organize. When man accedes to Nature, all avenues of human life will be taken care of in the most excellent, dignified, holistic, and powerful manner.’

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"The potential of every student is infinite. The time of student life should serve to unfold that infinite potential so that every individual becomes a vibrant centre of Total Knowledge."—Maharishi

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