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Consciousness-Based Education structures complete knowledge in the simplest state of human awareness; it develops the details of complete knowledge that guide different values of daily life on the background of total knowledge—the permanent state of enlightenment.



Fulfilling the purpose of education—complete knowledge for every student
by Global Good News staff writer
8 October 2009

Complete knowledge is available in the field of pure intelligence, pure wakefulness—Transcendental Consciousness, the Self of every student—experienced during the Transcendental Meditation and Transcendental Meditation Sidhi Programme.

The Transcendental Meditation Programme is therefore the technology of consciousness, the practical aspect of Maharishi’s Consciousness-Based Education, which develops the experience of pure consciousness—the basis of complete knowledge. With complete knowledge—of both the unmanifest and manifest levels of life and creation—lively in the awareness of the student, all thought and action become spontaneously in accord with Natural Law.

Through this unfoldment of their own consciousness and the development of complete knowledge in their awareness, students enjoy perfection in two simultaneous approaches: experiential and intellectual.

The experiential approach:
The experiential, practical approach—which provides experience of the organizing power of pure knowledge in the state of pure wakefulness—proceeds through research in consciousness and opens the student’s awareness to the fine fabrics of consciousness and the mechanics of transformation that constitute the whole process of creation and evolution.

Students develop the full potential of Natural Law in their awareness through the daily practice of experiencing the fine mechanics of transformation within the structure of their own consciousness.

The intellectual approach:
The theoretical, intellectual approach of gaining knowledge satisfies the intellect by providing complete understanding of the Ultimate Reality; and of the mechanics of transformation of self-referral consciousness and its object-referral nature: the mechanics of transformation of Unity into diversity; into all the Laws of Nature and the whole manifest universe.

Maharishi explains that the fully comprehensive value of Total Knowledge, complete knowledge, offers everyone the ‘fruit of all knowledge’—mistake-free life.

The ‘fruit of all knowledge’ develops from:
1. Direct experience of transcendental, pure consciousness, and the mechanics of its transformation.
2. Doubtless, complete intellectual understanding of the dynamics of consciousness through the study of the authentic, traditional Vedic Literature, as organized by Maharishi in his Vedic Science; and through study of all the Laws of Nature revealed by the disciplines of modern science and academic study.

Intellectual understanding of Total Knowledge is fully actualized through a simple and unique approach of teaching. Every part of knowledge, unfolding day by day in the classrooms, is connected with Total Knowledge by the teacher when he gives the students a vision of the connectedness of the knowledge of each lesson with the knowledge of the corresponding discipline, and also the connectedness of the discipline with the total knowledge of all disciplines at their common basis in consciousness, the Unified Field of Natural Law.

In this way the whole of knowledge is not shadowed by the part of knowledge and the part is always understood with reference to the whole. The study of any part of knowledge serves as a direct approach to simultaneously fathom the depth of total knowledge.

This theme of teaching, which connects every lesson with the total knowledge of the whole discipline, and connects every discipline with the common basis of all disciplines, the field of pure intelligence, is a very unique feature of Maharishi schools and universities. It succeeds in imparting complete knowledge to every student and fulfils the supreme goal of education by offering enlightenment to every student.

The advantage of intellectual understanding of complete knowledge on the ground of the pure intelligence of the student is that the student finds himself to be the lively centre of all knowledge. He finds all diversified values of knowledge in the context of total knowledge within his own consciousness, within his own holistic awareness. His awareness upholds the creativity and organizing power of total knowledge, which is always lively as the basic intelligence within his own physiology.

These two approaches of Maharishi’s Consciousness-Based Education have been thoroughly authenticated according to the most rigorous scientific standards of verification. Over the past forty years more than 500 scientific studies conducted on Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation and Transcendental Meditation Sidhi Programme in different universities and research institutions throughout the world have validated this theme of education.

Offering total knowledge on both levels, practical and theoretical, does not allow the knower to remain within the boundaries of knowledge. The boundaries of different disciplines of knowledge lose their rigidity on the ground of total knowledge—each discipline is connected with the common source of all disciplines, the field of pure intelligence of the student.

Maharishi has explained that every student becomes an expression of total knowledge and as such he is able to witness the limitations and boundaries of knowledge. He rises above bondage; he enjoys liberation; he enjoys freedom in total knowledge—in unboundedness, pure wakefulness.

There is no other system of teaching in the world that skillfully breaks the rigid boundaries of different disciplines and leads the student’s awareness to enjoy freedom in the unbounded field of total knowledge, the lively field of his own intelligence.

This Vedic theme of education structures complete knowledge in the simplest state of human awareness; it develops the details of complete knowledge that guide different values of daily life on the background of total knowledge—the permanent state of enlightenment. This makes complete knowledge a living reality of daily life, bringing fulfilment to education in general, and to higher education in particular.

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"The potential of every student is infinite. The time of student life should serve to unfold that infinite potential so that every individual becomes a vibrant centre of Total Knowledge."—Maharishi

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