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‘Ideal education means becoming familiar with the total potential of Natural Law.'



Familiarizing the student with the total potential of Natural Law
by Global Good News staff writer
10 October 2009

On 13 January 1985, Maharishi spoke to an international conference on Unified Field-Based Education held at Maharishi International University College of Natural Law in Washington, DC, USA. 

During this talk he explained that the ideal system of education available in the Vedic Literature enables the mind to become familiar with the most basic impulse of Nature, the impulse of the self-referral state of awareness, ‘on the basis of which Nature designs and spreads the whole manifest creation.’ 

When the mind is expert in that basic impulse of Nature, we can command and control the direction of Natural Law in order to quickly accomplish whatever we want. 

‘Ideal education means becoming familiar with the total potential of Natural Law,’ Maharishi said, ‘and then learning to make use of the specific potentialities inherent in it—gaining hold of the synthesis of all the Laws of Nature [in the Unified Field] and then channeling the specific Laws of Nature to our need. This is the first level of education. 

‘The second, more advanced stage of education will be that the mind is trained to spontaneously make use of the total potential of Natural Law. In whatever direction the mind goes, it enjoys the support of Nature. 

‘The third and final stage of education will be that we do not even have to desire: Nature will accomplish everything for us.’ 

Maharishi then explained that the self-referral state of Transcendental Consciousness, experienced during the Transcendental Meditation and Transcendental Meditation Sidhi Programme, is that self-sufficient level of intelligence which functions within itself to create the infinite diversity of the universe. 

‘Through ideal education that value of self-sufficiency develops in the student, enabling him to accomplish anything from within himself,’ Maharishi said. 

The infinite organizing power of Nature that governs the universe is present everywhere, so wherever the individual is, he can harness that power of Natural Law. ‘Then he will not be bound by time and space,’ Maharishi continued. ‘He will be independent, self-sufficient.’ 

Self-sufficiency develops by gaining familiarity with the total potential of Natural and its basic constituents. The total potential of Natural Law, the self-referral state of the Unified Field, has three basic components, Maharishi explained. These are the observer, the process of observation, and the observed. 

‘These three, remaining united in their singularity, present the total potential of Natural Law. All the basic constituents of each of the three are accounted for in the whole Vedic Literature,’ he said. 

‘The one singularity expresses itself in different states, sequentially unfolding the enormous, infinitely diverse universe. The infinitely expressed universe contracts and returns to a point, beyond which is the transcendental Self. 

‘Ideal education provides precise knowledge at every level of expansion and every level of contraction of Nature. This is Veda [pure knowledge].’ 

Maharishi then explained that the present system of education has led individuals and nations to a state of dependency. Dependency and fear will remain as long as life is not brought in tune with Nature. 

‘Now on the discovery of the Unified Field of Natural Law and our understanding of the ancient Vedic Literature, education will develop alliance with Natural Law, enabling the individual to enjoy real freedom in life.’

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"The potential of every student is infinite. The time of student life should serve to unfold that infinite potential so that every individual becomes a vibrant centre of Total Knowledge."—Maharishi

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