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When education provides reliable knowledge of the total potential of Natural Law, society will no long be shrouded with problems.



Natural Law and national law
by Global Good News staff writer
12 October 2009

On 8 March 1983, in Bogota, Columbia, Maharishi spoke to members of the legal profession. This talk is published in Maharishi’s book Maharishi Speaks to Students—Mastery over Natural Law, to give students deeper insight into the functioning of Natural Law and national law. 

‘National law has the ability to reconcile the interests of the individual with the interests of society,’ Maharishi said. ‘It is the guiding light of both the individual and society.’ 

He explained that national law commands a global range. It encompasses all directions of life of the individual and society. ‘National Law has the authority to make use of every possible measure, either rewarding or punishing, to see that both the individual and society progress and reach their goals.’ 

National law does not want to punish, but rather wants to use its authority to reward. National law is always progressive to adopt new means of educating the people to see that the life of the people and of society reach fulfilment in every generation. 

‘National law is the guiding light of national life,’ Maharishi said, ‘and Natural Law is the guiding light of life in Nature. Knowledge of Natural Law gained from the different disciplines in modern science, adds to progress. National law continuously adopts the knowledge of Natural Law for continued progress, which means continued happiness.’ 

The complete knowledge of the total potential of Natural Law is now in our hands. All the modern disciplines of science have located the Unified Field of Natural Law, and we have the technology for everyone to own the total value of Natural Law in his conscious awareness and to function from there—the Transcendental Meditation and Transcendental Meditation Sidhi Programme

‘It is vital that all channels of education in every nation adopt this knowledge of Natural Law so that people live according to Natural Law,’ Maharishi continued. ‘Life will then be evolutionary, supported by Nature; no individual will ever harm his environment or society. Then the purpose of national law will be completely served.’ 

The creation of schools, colleges, and universities by Maharishi will bring fulfilment to national law by creating full educated, enlightened individuals living in accord with Natural Law in an ideal society. ‘This will result in an affluent and invincible nation,’ Maharishi said. 

In the past, society has been shrouded by problems because there was no reliable knowledge of the total potential of Natural Law. Now with the discovery of the Unified Field, the whole theme of education has been reversed. 

First the student receives intellectual understanding of the total value of Natural Law as expressed in the most recent theories of modern science. He experiences the total value of Natural Law on the level of his own consciousness through the practice of the Transcendental Meditation and Transcendental Meditation Sidhi Programme, including Yogic Flying

The student is then given intellectual understanding of the individual Laws of Nature with reference to the total potential of Natural Law, the Unified Field. The part of knowledge is taught with reference to the whole, the Unified Field—and the whole of knowledge is found in terms of the student’s own consciousness, the Self. 

‘When the individual Laws of Nature governing the whole cosmos are understood to arise from the Unified Field, and the Unified Field is experienced as one’s own Self,’ Maharishi explained, ‘the cosmos becomes the expansion of one’s own Self. The individual becomes a universe in himself. 

‘When national law institutes the knowledge and experience of the Unified Field in education and guides the individual to be universal, then national law will become as invincible, as powerful, as creative as Natural Law,’ Maharishi said. 

The concept of education throughout the world has been to collect all branches of knowledge in one place and to give the whole population the opportunity to study any they wish. 

Maharishi explained that this type of education does not satisfy the thirst for knowledge in an individual, because it does not give him knowledge of the whole. As the thirst for knowledge increases, one specializes in a single field, but at every step of knowledge that is gained, it is found that a larger field of the unknown lies ahead. This results in the feeling of increasing ignorance rather than knowledge.  

‘The discovery of the Unified Field brings complete knowledge and complete organizing power,’ Maharishi said. ‘Now Nature will be able to organize national life most effectively. Natural Law will uphold and support national law, and national law will rejoice in strength, efficiency, and success.’ 

When the knowledge and experience of Natural Law, the Unified Field, is incorporated in education, the individual mind will function in accordance with all the Laws of Nature. The individual will live without mistakes, problems, or suffering. ‘He will be a joy to everyone around him,’ Maharishi concluded. ‘This is the fruit of all knowledge.’ 

The custodians of national law in every country are invited to bring national law in alliance with Natural Law through education, and to bring stability, peace, prosperity, and happiness to all mankind.

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"The potential of every student is infinite. The time of student life should serve to unfold that infinite potential so that every individual becomes a vibrant centre of Total Knowledge."—Maharishi

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