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When an individual’s awareness becomes completely lively with the values of the Unified Field, all his actions are supported by Nature and are always spontaneously evolutionary.



Connecting individual awareness to its source, the Unified Field, for mistake-free life
by Global Good News staff writer
16 October 2009

Speaking on 30 and 31 October 1983 in Washington, DC, USA, Maharishi answered a series of questions about living life free from mistakes, more in tune with Natural Law. 

He said the most effective procedure to accomplish this ‘is a master procedure that locates what we want to achieve from where we are.’ 

‘The technique to accomplish anything is to handle it from its source,’ he said. ‘The best system will be to attend to the consciousness of the individual so that it never deviates from the infinite state of balance.’ 

He explained that when the latent creativity in an individual’s consciousness is enlivened, he becomes ‘infinitely creative’: he is able to function on that level of infinite organizing power from where Nature functions.

‘Then whatever he thinks will never be wrong either for himself or for any aspect of his environment.’ 
Maharishi explained that the Unified Field of all the Laws of Nature is that area from where every activity begins: it is like the compact state of the tree in the form of a seed. 

When an individual’s awareness becomes completely lively with the values of the Unified Field, all his actions are supported by Nature and are always spontaneously evolutionary. Enlivening the full potential of Natural Law permanently in our awareness disallows the sprouting of negativity.  

We enliven the wholeness of intelligence, the Unified Field, from where all emotions, desires, and actions spring. ‘This enlivenment must be permanent, a living reality through all the thick and thin of life,’ Maharishi said. 

‘When the individual has established the full potential of Natural Law in his awareness,’ Maharishi continued, ‘he follows the functioning of Nature. Nature is perfectly skillful and economical; it organizes the whole universe from one principle, the principle of least action.’ 

In the Unified Field, before the first sprouting of diversification, the Laws of Nature are completely unified and absolutely simple. ‘At that level there is effortless fulfilment of desires. We function as Nature functions, taking the path of least action and accomplishing everything with maximum efficiency.’ 

Maharishi explained that the most ideal behaviour is self-referral, because problems do not arise when one treats the other as one treats oneself. The supreme example of this behaviour is in the self-referral state of the Unified Field. 

‘The Unified Field expresses itself in the infinite diversity of creation and sets the behaviour of everything with everything else in such a way that all behaviour is self-referral. Therefore, no accidents or problems arise in the universe,’ he said. 

The practice of Transcendental Meditation gives the experience of the state of least excitation of consciousness, a completely silent level of awareness, the Self. This is the Unified Field, Maharishi explained. The Transcendental Meditation Sidhi Programme allows one to actually function from the level of the Unified Field. ‘One experiences all the subjective and objective qualities of creation emerging from within one’s own Self.’  

The Unified Field is that level from which Nature conducts the activity of the entire universe without a flaw, without mistakes. ‘Once we learn to function from that level, our own activity will be free from mistakes,’ Maharishi said. 

Life free from mistakes is life according to Natural Law. However, intellectual understanding of the innumerable Laws of Nature is not enough to allow one to live in accordance with Natural Law. Only when the Unified Field is stabilized in one’s conscious awareness will it be possible for every thought and action to be in accordance with all the Laws of Nature. 

‘The whole creation is permeated by the Unified Field, the field of infinite correlation,’ Maharishi said. ‘The finest aspect of the intellect is almost one with that omnipresent level. A small amount of attention at this junction point simultaneously influences the whole creation and its source in the Unified Field. . . . 

‘The Transcendental Meditation Sidhi Programme provides the core of real education: it trains an individual to function from the level of Cosmic Mind, which automatically computes all that is necessary to make life successful. . . . The unifying influence of the Unified Field causes the mind to cease its wandering in the outward direction and come back home to itself, the absolute state of Unity and self-referral.’ 

When an individual gains the habit of functioning from the level of the Unified Field, ‘he does not violate any Law of Nature; he becomes a truly educated man, a man who does not mistakes for himself or his environment,’ Maharishi concluded.

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"The potential of every student is infinite. The time of student life should serve to unfold that infinite potential so that every individual becomes a vibrant centre of Total Knowledge."—Maharishi

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