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A university for managing life
by Global Good News staff writer
30 April 2010

This need for skill in managing life is the unique specialty of Maharishi University of Management (MUM). By aligning the intelligence of the individual, whatever his area of study, with the supreme managing intelligence of the ever-expanding universe, Maharishi University of Management provides its students with skill in the art of living. And an MUM education creates, in the words of the university’s founder, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, ‘managers who will float in happiness, success, and fulfilment.’

In the following excerpt from Maharishi’s book, Maharishi University of Management, Wholeness on the Move, Maharishi speaks on ‘The Science and Art of Management.’ He describes how, by developing intimacy with the Cosmic Creative Intelligence of Natural Law, the individual gains that purity of consciousness which allows whatever is required for success to spontaneously come. 

While Maharishi is speaking in terms of the field of management, his words apply to training for the management of any and all areas of life. Maharishi writes:

The Science and Art of Management
Purity of Life is the Basis of Success

'The Vedic theme of management through Natural Law is based on the unifying power of Natural Law . . . come to the field of Unity, or bring your awareness to Transcendental Consciousness [though the practice of Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation Technique], and there is the Unified Field of Natural Law, the concentrated field of intelligence—the source of all evolutionary trends of life from where the whole creation, the ever-expanding universe, is spontaneously materialized.

'This is the field of intelligence from where the management of the ever-evolving, ever-expanding universe is spontaneously conducted; therefore training in management should be to bring the manager’s awareness to this level of intelligence, and then training in management will have a supreme quality. For this, the commonly known proverb in India is: 

'. . . The success of "great men" comes from their self-referral, unbounded field of intelligence—coherent consciousness (Sattwa)—and basically not from the means of operation.

'The reality is that the means gather around Sattwik [coherent, pure] intelligence—Natural Law favours Sattwik consciousness—and whatever is required, comes.

'The point to note here is that in this field of unbounded consciousness—in Unity Consciousness, which is the simplest state of human consciousness—there is nothing else other than self-referral consciousness itself, so the achievement of managing the enormous, unbounded field of the universe from this level is solely dependent on this level of Transcendental Consciousness, because there is nothing else; that is why the second part of the above quotation negates the requirement of any other means for absolute success in management.

'The idea is that when the awareness of the manager is open to this field of the concentrated creative intelligence of Natural Law, then the thought of achieving anything spontaneously motivates all the Laws of Nature required to materialize the desire. But if the manager is busy searching for the means of ‘hitting the target’, then his active mind does not have the support of the transcendental, total potential of the organizing power of Natural Law; then his approach to achievement will certainly be through situations and circumstances in his environment, which will make him prove to stress, strain, and struggle to achieve the target. 

'This makes it clear why the system of modern management is subject to stress, strain, and struggle for its achievement, which spreads the quality of stress and strain and promotes all that stress and strain can offer to society.

'The system of administration through Natural Law, Maharishi’s Master Management, comes as a solution to all problems in the world—problems of politics, economics, health, education—and all areas of national and international life in every country.

'The modern system of management does not train managers in the science and art of gaining alliance with the infinite organizing power of Natural Law—the managing intelligence of Nature—because while the manager is engaged in gaining the knowledge of different areas of management, the system of management itself deprives him of his own self-referral consciousness and engages him in the field of variety, segregating his functioning intelligence from its infinite creative potential. He becomes dependent on the limited creative potential of isolated systems of management and falls a prey to stress and strain.

'The point to note here is that modern training in management is not based on the principle and practical application of the transcendental value of the holistic value of Natural Law. The sole focus of modern management training is in the importance of gathering the means of management.

'The field of management is so vast and varied that unless the managing intelligence of the manager is embedded in the infinite organizing power of Natural Law—the managing intelligence of Nature—it will always be under stress and strain.'

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"The potential of every student is infinite. The time of student life should serve to unfold that infinite potential so that every individual becomes a vibrant centre of Total Knowledge."—Maharishi

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