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‘The tree of life has to be watered from its roots. The root is the Unified Field of total Natural Law, self-referral consciousness, Transcendental Consciousness.’



Watering the tree of life from its root
by Global Good News staff writer
23 July 2010

In his opening remarks to the Global Press Conference on 15 December 2004, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi emphasized the importance of Total Knowledge in education so that children do not make mistakes. ‘Any mistake, any suffering, any problem belongs to lack of knowledge,’ he said.

‘We have been teaching the experience of Transcendental Consciousness, which is the home of all knowledge,’ Maharishi said. The awareness of Transcendental Consciousness is the awareness of Total Knowledge in our single thought. Vedic Education is to have access to the reservoir of all aspects of knowledge, the eternal source of all dynamism. That is in the nature of the Transcendental Consciousness of everyone.’

Maharishi went on to explain that ‘the torch of the light of Total Knowledge brings home to everyone—everyone singly within himself—the Unified Field, the field of all possibilities, in theory and in its application. That is why science and technology today is competent to develop the total man in all his potential divinity. Therefore, this is the time to correct all the mistakes of the past ages and create a world of bliss, a world of total Natural Law.’

Maharishi explained that total Natural Law is that which, from the level of the modern physical sciences, administers billions of suns, galaxies, and the whole ever-expanding universe in perfect order.

‘That brilliance is what we have been calling—every man has been calling throughout the ages—the light of Almighty God,’ Maharishi said. ‘The light of Almighty God, the knowledge of total Natural Law, is discovered today within everyone. Within everyone is everyone’s natural existence, natural intelligence, natural heritage.
Therefore, this is the time for a very grand rise of humanity to the level of divinity.

‘It is no exaggeration; it is a simple statement of fact,’ Maharishi continued. ‘When there was darkness in the room, it was no surprise that the room could be fully lighted. If suffering has existed, it existed because of this lack of bringing our conscious attention to that brilliance which is one’s own self-referral consciousness, the Unified Field, the light of God.’

He pointed out that when you have given a car to your child and you have not trained him as a good driver, you can expect accidents from him. You have to amend the accidents the child makes—and you are responsible because you have not educated the child to be a good driver.

‘If the children are making mistakes, if the children are having accidents, if the children are suffering, it is the parents that have to be more alert to educate the children,’ Maharishi said.

It is for this education of the children, and to eliminate suffering and the difficulty of everyone everywhere, that Maharishi came out ‘with an educational programme which is so simple.

‘I have been saying repeatedly, and today also I would say, that it is easier—take notice of what comes at this moment—it is easier to train the children in Total Knowledge. It is more difficult to train the children in a part of knowledge. A part of knowledge will never be totally nourishing. The whole of knowledge will never entertain any weakness or problem.’

Maharishi used the analogy of a gardener—he is seen putting a bucket of water around the root of a tree. It is from the root that nourishment comes to all the expressions of the tree, the leaves and branches. The root of the tree has to be watered.

Similarly, ‘The tree of life has to be watered from its roots. The root is the Unified Field of total Natural Law, self-referral consciousness, Transcendental Consciousness,’ Maharishi said.

‘One dives into Transcendental Consciousness. People who start to practise the Transcendental Meditation Technique take their awareness to that field of the transcendence, which is total Natural Law. Immediately the conscious mind becomes relieved of pressures.’

Maharishi explained that pressures build up in the mind as long as the mind is involved in boundaries. ‘But when the boundaries are transcended through the Transcendental Meditation Technique, then the awareness is on that level which is free from boundaries—unbounded.

‘The experience of that cultures the brain. The experience of that Transcendental Consciousness enlivens the total brain. There is nothing else that can enliven the total brain. It is very easy to transcend, and very easy to experience that unbounded, self-referral, Transcendental Consciousness. What does this experience of Transcendental Consciousness do to the physiology? It makes every aspect of the brain physiology function.’

Maharishi then explained that when the total brain functions, then the intelligence is totally functioning. ‘Total intelligence functioning means it is unbounded, infinite; it is divine intelligence,’ he continued. ‘It is the divinity in man that is functioning.

‘That is why all our forefathers, ancestors, have written, “Man is made in the image of God,”’ Maharishi said. ‘This is the information for every generation of man—“Man is made in the image of God.” Let that God, in whose image the world is made, become lively, become fully awake, fully awake consciousness.’

Maharishi pointed out that if people do not know it, how they can act on it? We sympathize with them. We have no right to criticize them; we have no right to be angry with them; we have no right to discard them.

If people make mistakes in the darkness, it is because we have not given them the torch of light, Maharishi said. ‘So when they tumble down and break their knees and heads on the dark road, we can only sympathize with them.

‘With all sympathy, with all love for life in the world, we are doing everything possible to introduce this field of knowledge, which is total Natural Law, total intelligence,’ Maharishi said. . . . ‘Our programme is very beautiful. We are very fond of using it for our children. Now we want to establish centres of knowledge, because centres of education are everywhere.

‘But the education is a very limited sort of thing. It is not producing enough knowledge in four, eight, ten, sixteen, twenty years. The children are not able to make use of their full brains. That is the reason their thoughts are not totally effective. They can go so far, and then tumble down, problems come, and suffering comes—all those things . . . .

‘We are repeatedly talking all over the world,’ Maharishi continued. ‘Wherever our voice is heard by the people, they take to it and they begin to enjoy.

‘This is how, in all these fifty years, so much global appreciation has come to this knowledge. We are now out for global expansion of our activity. That is why we are now sponsoring a University of World Peace . . . where every aspect of knowledge will be given in the context of Total Knowledge. Just like this, we water the root and supply nourishment to all the expressions of the root.’


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"The potential of every student is infinite. The time of student life should serve to unfold that infinite potential so that every individual becomes a vibrant centre of Total Knowledge."—Maharishi

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