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MUM President Hagelin’s talk was entitled “Scientific Revival of the Vedic Wisdom: A Renaissance for our Modern Age.”



MUM President Hagelin meets with Nepal government top officials
by Maharishi University of Management, Fairfield, Iowa, USA, The Review
18 May 2019

Maharishi University of Management (MUM) President John Hagelin was a keynote speaker at a three-day conference in Nepal last month that included the President and other top government officials.

In addition, he had private meetings with the Prime Minister and with Nepal’s top military and educational leaders.

“The Nepalese people are so loving, and everyone in Nepal cherishes the Vedic tradition,” President Hagelin said. “Maharishi Mahesh Yogi is broadly revered as the most important and impactful Vedic sage to have visited Nepal. His relatively brief visit there in 1974, when he personally instructed 25,000 Nepali citizens and leaders, was a major event in the history of the country.

“The audience in the packed auditorium was tremendously excited by the prospect of implementing Maharishi’s programs. The President, Prime Minister, Home Minister, and National Security Advisor are all eager to do something significant. Everyone was inspired by the achievements of MUM, and truly amazed to see the progress of Consciousness-Based education in the United States and across the world.”

The conference was titled “Vedic Science and Modern Science: Knowledge and Technology for the Practical Benefit of Everyone, Everywhere.” It brought together Vedic scholars and scientists to explore how Vedic technologies can be systematically applied to benefit life and promote national unity.

The event was organized by Kingsley and Lesley Brooks, former executive assistants to Dr. Hagelin who now direct Transcendental Meditation-related activities in Nepal, Israel, Ukraine, and elsewhere; and also by Deepak P. Baskota, a former Home Minister in Nepal and current chairman of Nepal’s Maharishi Vedic Foundation, who will soon be honored by MUM with an honorary doctorate of world peace.

John Fagan, MUM dean of sustainability, spoke on the key importance of Vedic organic agriculture for the economic future of Nepal.

Other speakers covered topics such as Vedic health care, Vedic administration, and Vedic architecture.
Saints and scholars from Nepal emphasized the importance of Veda in the world today and highlighted Nepal’s important historic contributions to the Vedic wisdom.

“The auditorium was packed – and became more so as time went on,” President Hagelin said. “Rather than becoming distracted or antsy during the long hours and days of the conference, the attendees became more and more excited as the conference went on.”

President Hagelin’s talk, “Scientific Revival of the Vedic Wisdom: A Renaissance for our Modern Age,” can be seen on YouTube.

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