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The new issue of the International Journal of Mathematics and Consciousness is now available for free online at ijmac.mum.edu.



New issue of Journal of Math and Consciousness now available
by Maharishi University of Management, Fairfield, Iowa, USA, The Review
19 November 2019

Papers by Tony Nader, who is the head of Maharishi’s organizations worldwide, and Maharishi University of Management (MUM) Professor David Scharf are featured in a new issue of the  International Journal of Mathematics and Consciousness now available for free online at ijmac.mum.edu.

The journal is dedicated to the mathematical description and understanding of consciousness, and Dr. Nader’s 13-page paper responds to questions that arose from his premier paper in the journal in which he proposed an axiomatic theory about consciousness and its relationship to matter. That paper was titled “Consciousness Is All There Is: A Mathematical Approach with Applications.”

In this new paper he discusses topics such as the time duration of a “bit of consciousness”; the nature of nothing, nothingness, and concept; the self of an entity; the origin of space and time; and the distinction between singularity and consciousness.

Dr. Scharf’s 45-page paper is titled “Two Dogmas of Materialism: Toward a Consciousness-Based Framework for Understanding Mental Causation.”

His discussion wrestles with the current notion that consciousness and mind are entirely dependent on the brain, a thesis that’s usually referred to as materialism.

Dr. Scharf points out the problems with the materialist theory of mind and discusses the two “dogmas” that underlie this theory: that brain injuries impair cognitive function, supposedly proving the mind is dependent on the brain, and that the physical domain is causally closed, implying that the mind is reducible to the brain or is otherwise irrelevant.

He shows that neither of these dogmas stands up to scrutiny and uses quantum field theory to outline a model of mind-brain interaction, which he calls the “transmission model.” He then describes previous analyses that clearly explain how this transmission model can work, including the consciousness-based paradigm described by Immanuel Kant and Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

He concludes by proposing that “an individual mind is only a surface-level manifestation of consciousness.” Kant’s transcendental idealism and Maharishi Vedic Science describe the steps by which pure consciousness expresses itself. Unified field theory in physics today is also tending toward regarding consciousness as primary.

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