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Parents, not trained as schoolteachers, are under pressure to provide education and a good routine to children at home during the pandemic.



TM helps homeschooling go more smoothly during the pandemic
by Janet Hoffman at Transcendental Meditation for Women blog
13 May 2020

Susan Linden, a former school psychologist (and mom of two) from New Jersey, points out how Transcendental Meditation can help everyone in a family have a positive experience with homeschooling. 

Quotes from an interview with Susan Linden by Janet Hoffman:

"I hear reports from many mothers that they are doing more things like baking and taking walks together and feeling a sense of calm in the home and with each other. That calmness, radiating from a mom, is hugely effective as a foundation for the well-being of the whole family—for me, Transcendental Meditation assures that I can feel and radiate calm and emotional stability… and even joy...."

"Tension can easily arise as parents are expected to oversee the child’s “attendance” to computer instruction – making sure their child is not texting or doing other things while pretending to watch the screen. Parents do not want to take on that role of monitor and disciplinarian during the school day. A lot depends on the family dynamic and how good relationships were before the pandemic. Everyone in my family has learned TM, which reduces stress so well that relationships improve as a result...."

"Schooling from home at this time can be talked about as empowering because it helps protect others, and is an effort we are all making together. Aside from the pandemic, during ordinary times, there are many sources of anxiety; I find that the TM technique, which has been researched extensively around the world, reduces anxiety and fear significantly...."

When asked about how home schooling could affect children's health, Susan said:

"I think there are a few ways in which children’s physical health will be affected by this pandemic and quarantine. First, is a general lack of exercise. Things like walking to and from school, walking through hallways between classes, playing neighborhood games or team sports—these activities are on hold for now.

"And second, the increased anxiety and frustration, which we could call stress, take a toll on everyone’s health. While kids will avoid daily school exposure to other students and their germs, they will probably become more vulnerable to the fallout from anxiety—more trouble sleeping and reduced immunity.

"Finally, with parents very reluctant to take a child to see the doctor in an office or to go to an urgent care facility, some children who need attention will not get it, at least not as quickly. With some data, researchers will eventually be able to tell us exactly how this time is impacting the health of our children.

"I wish other families had what meditating families have to provide them with the resilience needed right now—the TM technique reduces imbalances that lead to sickness and it increases immunity and wellbeing. I’m so grateful for it."


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