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The Transcendental Meditation technique helps promote mental and emotional well-being.



TM benefits mental health
by TM Women Mini-Magazine online
4 April 2023

Psychologists and psychotherapists often suggest the TM course to their clients because it reduces stress significantly, relieving the mind and emotions of the debilitating effects of stress. Here are four insights into Transcendental Meditation from the point of view of mental health practitioners:

“Now here’s a meditation practice where you can simply sit for twenty minutes and become naturally refreshed by allowing the mind to settle down.”
Donna Rockwell, clinical psychologist 

“I regularly recommend that clients learn the TM technique and find it to be a powerful supplement to psychotherapy. First, there is excellent scientific evidence that it can help to alleviate depression, anxiety, PTSD, and many other disorders. Second, having a twice-daily technique that allows the nervous system to settle and the mind to witness itself dramatically increases the efficacy of psychotherapy.”
Dr. Samantha Smithsteen, licensed clinical and forensic psychologist

“Having the ability to self-stabilize enables clients to enter into deeper work in therapy. TM practitioners have increased ability and tools to stabilize in the face of the stress that treatment can present when working through difficult experiences…. Transcendental Meditation centers and calms the nervous system, which is a key player in the trauma response. Regular TM practice develops a capacity for increased resilience, faster recovery from stress, and helps to manage and reduce anxiety.”
Debbie Augenthaler, psychotherapist

Transcendental Meditation is different from mindfulness meditation in that mindfulness meditation directs your thoughts to the present moment whereas TM involves transcending all thoughts and experiencing Being…. TM does not involve any concentration. It is an effortless method designed to experience the pure state of Being; a place beyond the thinking process and your physical perceptions.”
Manhattan Mental Health


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