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The fundamental basis of education is the state of enlightenment in which the knower has full knowledge of himself.



Living life in accord with Natural Law
by Global Good News staff writer
3 October 2007

Continuing our series of articles on lectures given by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi to students around the world, this talk was given by Maharishi at a World Assembly on 'The Role of Education in Making the Nation Invincible' held in Seelisberg, Switzerland, in February 1978. It is remarkable to note that even though this talk was given almost 30 years ago, it is highly relevant to our world situation today.

Please see also the first and second articles in this series, entitled, Maharishi speaks to students: Mastery over Natural Law and Enlightened Students create invincibility for the nation.

In the main points of this second lecture in his book Maharishi Speaks to Students—Gaining Mastery over Natural Law, Maharishi emphasizes that 'the development of invincibility in every nation is the only practical approach to world peace.

'In this age of nuclear weapons, no country, however powerful, can really defend itself from destruction. The time demands a new technology of peace.

'Crime breaks the internal peace of every nation,' Maharishi said. Fortunately, it has been demonstrated that in cities where one per cent of the population practices his technology of peace, the Transcendental Meditation Programme, there are significant decreases in crime rate. This phenomenon is known as the Maharishi Effect.

The Maharishi Effect has already influenced the affairs of nations and is responsible for the signs of growing harmony found in international affairs today. It is due to the simplicity and universality of Maharishi's Transcendental Meditation Technique, which is completely independent of and yet supportive of any system of government or any economic, social, religious, or educational system.

The Transcendental Meditation Technique creates in individual awareness a state of complete silence. Maharishi describes this as 'the source of thought from where all the Laws of Nature emerge [this is also known
as the Unified Field of Natural Law discovered by the most modern quantum physics]. When the mind is established on this level, thinking and action are automatically in accordance with all the Laws of Nature.

'The fundamental basis of education,' Maharishi continues, 'is the state of enlightenment, in which the knower has full knowledge of himself. Without enlightenment one is absorbed only in the details of
knowledge and does not experience directly that inner wakefulness, or pure [transcendental] consciousness, which is the basis of all knowledge. One knows the object without the knower.'

Thus Maharishi says that 'knowledge is structured in consciousness,' and that pure consciousness is the field of pure knowledge, the home of all knowledge. Knowledge will be complete only when awareness is
open to this level of pure knowledge.

Maharishi explains that a fully educated man is an enlightened man, who not only has the depth of understanding of the various academic disciplines, but is also master of his own destiny. 'He feels at home
in every undertaking and every field of life,' Maharishi says.

'Ideal education will produce a fully developed man whose awareness is so cultured that he spontaneously functions according to all the laws of Nature and enjoys the support of Nature for the achievement of all his goals. Such a man can simultaneously fulfil both his own interests and the interests of everyone else.

'Ideal education will culture individual life to create an ideal man,' Maharishi points out. 'By creating ideal individuals we can create an ideal society, which will be self-sufficient, integrated, harmonious, progressive, and fulfilled. A coherent and integrated society is the
basis of an invincible nation.

'The universal lack in education is that it does not prepare the learner for learning,' Maharishi continues. 'Consciousness, which is the basis of learning, can be expanded to contain the entirety of life.'

Maharishi's Science of Creative Intelligence is the direct way to unfold the infinite creativity in man.

'When the whole stream of individual life is evolutionary, the collective consciousness of the nation will be evolutionary and the nation will spontaneously enjoy invincibility,' Maharishi emphasizes.

It is by unfolding this infinite potential within their own awareness that students can contribute maximum to the invincibility of their nation, while simultaneously gaining for themselves, enlightenment and complete support of Natural Law for all their academic and personal

These four volumes of Maharishi's main points are available from Maharishi University Press at MUM Press.

There is also a series of four volumes entitled Maharishi Speaks to Educators, which Excellence in Action is simultaneously featuring over the coming weeks.

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"The potential of every student is infinite. The time of student life should serve to unfold that infinite potential so that every individual becomes a vibrant centre of Total Knowledge."—Maharishi

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