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University students in Middle East radiate peace with Transcendental Meditation
30 January 2011
Students in the Middle East are quietly discovering happiness and peace within their own consciousness and radiating these qualities to their communities through their daily practice of the Transcendental Meditation Programme. (more)
tulip ‘Education from the inside out’—why students chose Consciousness-Based Education
28 January 2011
Students and alumni explain why Consciousness-Based Education was an important factor in their decision to attend Maharishi University of Management. (more)
parent TM eliminates ‘five o’clock meltdown’ for working mothers and their families
27 January 2011
An educator and a women’s health expert provide perspectives on how the Transcendental Meditation Technique helps women eliminate the negative effects of stress and maintain a balanced, harmonious family life. (more)
painter Arizona art school finds TM helps students be more creative
25 January 2011
At the Museum of Art School in Tucson, Arizona, students have the ability to dive deep within their own consciousness with Transcendental Meditation (TM), and then return to activity with their mind crystal clear, focused, and creative. (more)
sleeping Sleep deprivation and how Transcendental Meditation will help
23 January 2011
In response to a recent article in about the dilemma of getting everything done in college and getting enough sleep, the writer tells of the solution which she found while at Cornell, a solution to take advantage of now. (more)
students Bringing higher consciousness to business
20 January 2011
While studying traditional business subjects, Maharishi University of Management students also systematically cultivate their inner potential through the twice-daily practice of the TM technique. (more)
supriya Supriya Vidic transfers from the US Army to Maharishi University of Management
18 January 2011
Sergeant Supriya Vidic came to Maharishi University of Management after serving six years in the US Army, because she wanted a spiritual foundation to make her life easier. (more)
New teachers of the Transcendental Meditation Programme bring its benefits to more and more countries
14 January 2011
Many new teachers of Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation Technique are offering the programme in nations which previously have not had teachers. (more)
Maharishi on the complete meaning of Yoga
12 January 2011
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the teacher most responsible for the upsurge of interest in meditation in the West, brings deep insight into the the practice of Yoga that is valuable for students wanting a superiour quality of action. (more)
The value of Transcendental Meditation and Yogic Flying for creativity
11 January 2011
Three artists express the value of Transcendental Meditation for development of the heart, expansion of awareness, and the continuous flow of creativity. (more)
Hillary Swanson Maharishi University of Management alumna—inspired by physics
10 January 2011
Hillary Swanson became fascinated with physics as a student at Maharishi School, and after teaching high school physics, she is now working on her doctorate. (more)
Earl From high school dropout to college honour student: Retired fire captain praises Transcendental Meditation
7 January 2011
Earl Sheperd, a retired fire captain, describes how learning Transcendental Meditation made a dramatic turnaround for him at an early age and has continued to have a positive impact on all areas of his life. (more)
child at computer Good news for the computer generation and their elders
5 January 2011
Scientific and experiential evidence suggests that the Transcendental Meditation Programme can blissfully alleviate the stress gained from computers. (more)
roses 'Heaven on Earth is our objective'—Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
3 January 2011
Maharishi explains that Heaven on Earth will be accomplished through the enlivenment of the full potential of Natural Law by the group practice of the Transcendental Meditation and TM Sidhi programme. (more)
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"The potential of every student is infinite. The time of student life should serve to unfold that infinite potential so that every individual becomes a vibrant centre of Total Knowledge."—Maharishi

Optimizing Brain Functioning

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