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Vedic Pandits from India performing Yagyas and Yogic Flying in America to crown the country with Invincibility.

Vedic Pandits of India transform America

Through Yoga and Yagya hundreds of Vedic Pandits are helping to neutralize negativity in the nations consciousness and restore balance in Nature.


pink lotus flower symbolic of higher states of consciousness
Maharishi global press conference
Maharishi expressed his satisfaction with the profound level of experience of higher states of consciousness which have been achieved by participants of the Invincible America Course, and declared the awakening of a new level of experience.
Aliyah Warwick loves studying at Maharishi University of Enlightenment

Stimulating silence

Aliyah Warwick discusses what she loves most about studying at Maharishi University of Enlightenment.

Dr Ashley Deans with Chinese educators and students

Agreements signed in China to introduce Maharishi's Consciousness-Based Education

Dr. Dean's receives a warm welcome as part of a delegation to China. Talks included linking modern science, Maharishi Vedic Science and Daoism.

Golden yin-yang symbol of Taoism The Tao, the experience in the light of Maharishi's Technologies of Consciousness
Dr Bevan Morris discusses the relation between the Tao and the
unified field.
Lulama Ntozine, university student in South Africa

Self discovery in South Africa

Lulama Ntozine is an outstanding achiever at top university in South Africa.

Paul Evans ranks in the top 5 percent of students in the UK

Accessing inner intelligence

Paul Evans ranks academically in top five per cent of students in United Kingdom.

Students in Ecuador practice Transcendental Meditation in a large group

Peace group seeks to reduce violence
Ecuador youths use silence as a 'secret weapon' to reduce crime and violence through the practice of Maharishi's Transcendental Meditation Programme.

Dr Ashley Deans

Excerpts from A Record of Excellence
Dr Deans' brilliant new book describes the success of Maharishi’s Consciousness-Based Education, and presents an amazing
contrast to the depressing failure and damage of modern
education worldwide.

Vedic Pandits walking on their campus in India

Youth of India become permanent peace-creating experts for the world

His Excellency Dr Girish Chandra Varma establishes groups of peace-creating experts throughout India to neutralize negativity
in world consciousness and restore balance in Nature.

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Consciousness-Based Education booklet

Consciousness-Based Education
Summary of Scientific Research

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Optimizing Brain Functioning through Transcendental Meditation and Yogic Flying
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