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Leaders The knowledge required by a successful leader
29 May 2009
Education has to be predominantly based on consciousness and must include the experience of consciousness in the classroom and the knowledge of consciousness in terms of the Unified Field. (more)
Boarders Coming to the Maharishi School from afar
28 May 2009
New boarding students from Malaysia, South Korea, Argentina, and North Carolina, USA, are very happy to be at the Maharishi School in Fairfield, Iowa, USA. (more)
student Transcendental Meditation acts as a buffer from student pressure
27 May 2009
The intense pressures of college may be buffered by the practice of Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation Technique, according to a recent study performed in the Washington, DC area. (more)
US Capitol Maharishi School student's photo to hang in the US Capitol
26 May 2009
Maharishi School student Pearl Sawhney will have a photo on display for a year in the US Capitol Building as a result of winning the grand prize in the 2009 Congressional Art Contest. (more)
sunrise Providing a basis for knowledge
25 May 2009
Maharishi explains that when the Science of Creative Intelligence is established as the basis of all disciplines, all the laws investigated by different sciences will express the basic, absolute reality of life.  (more)
U of World Peace Students to create a peaceful future through a university of world peace
22 May 2009
To create a peaceful future for themselves, students are invited to participate in an academic institution dedicated to preventing war and promoting peace, Maharishi University of World Peace. (more)
blossoms Education for the fulfilment of desires
20 May 2009
Maharishi explains that we must think consciously at the source of thought, the transcendental field of life, our own Self, so that we have ‘a springboard’ supported by all the Laws of Nature. Then we will be able to do anything. This is education. (more)
meditators Reducing stress and promoting progress and happiness
19 May 2009
The development of consciousness or increased wakefulness experienced during Transcendental Meditation results in higher levels of academic success, confidence, and joy for students and for their teachers. (more)
film makers Maharishi University of Management students' feature film wins top award at film festival
18 May 2009
A feature film by Maharishi Univeristy of Management students Geoff Boothby and Cullen Thomas has been winning recognition and awards, including the top award—a Gold Eddy—in the Student Long-Form category at the 2009 Cedar Rapids Independent Film Festival. (more)
Students Students organize youth conference
15 May 2009
As part of Maharishi Univerisity of Management's Rotating University, students from Iowa, USA, travelled to South Africa and set up a youth conference to build relationships between students in SA and the USA. (more)
girl meditating Vedic classroom routine
13 May 2009
Maharishi emphasizes the importance of the experience of Being, the field that is transcendental to mental and intellectual activity, as the basis for Total Knowledge-Based Education. (more)
sky Developing unbounded awareness to culture the understanding and emotions of the student
12 May 2009
The more rapidly the awareness expands and contracts, the more the values of flexibility and stability are cultured in the student. (more)
students The world is a family
11 May 2009
Students from the Maharishi School of the Age of Enlightenment in Fairfield, Iowa, visit schools in Brazil where the Transcendental Meditation Programme has been introduced. (more)
flowers Medical science and Maharishi’s Science of Creative Intelligence
9 May 2009
Maharishi speaks to educators about the fulfilment of medical science through the development of the full potential of consciousness, the basis of perfect health. (more)
Heather Harnett David Lynch Foundation Television launches with 'Change Begins Within' Concert
7 May 2009
The David Lynch Foundation Television launched its website with backstage interviews of Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, and other stars who participated in the concert. (more)
girl speaking How Transcendental Meditation can be used by students to create a better world
5 May 2009
Maharishi advises having the experience of the Self—‘a period for bliss’--introduced in the classroom, so that the children realize the divine essential nature and invincibility of their own intelligence. (more)
girl meditating The advantages of Consciousness-Based Education
3 May 2009
‘Now is the time when total Natural Law can be upheld by every mind, every intellect, every being, and every soul. Self-referral consciousness is knowledge; the other is a lack of knowledge.’ —Maharishi (more)
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"The potential of every student is infinite. The time of student life should serve to unfold that infinite potential so that every individual becomes a vibrant centre of Total Knowledge."—Maharishi

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