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wordsworth Experiences like William Wordsworth's are now available to everyone
30 April 2012
The extraordinary—and extraordinarily natural—experiences that William Wordsworth based his famous poems on need not be left to chance. With the Transcendental Meditation Technique, they are now available to everyone. (more)
sunrise MUM student team named finalist in 10-state clean tech competition
27 April 2012
A team of four Maharishi University of Management students was selected as one of six finalists a 10-state clean technology business plan competition that awarded $100,000 in business startup funding. (more)
cherry tree Dr Travis speaks to students about the brain and stress
25 April 2012
Maharishi University of Management faculty neuroscientist Fred Travis spoke to students in Illinois and California, USA, about how stress affects the brain and how the Transcendental Meditation Technique helps. (more)
songwriter Feeling at home within yourself
23 April 2012
Young students put their positive feelings about their school’s programme, Quiet Time with Transcendental Meditation, into song while their innovative principal explains the boon of the programme for the children and the community. (more)
africans and dr morris MUM President tours Africa
20 April 2012
Maharishi University of Management President Dr Bevan Morris took a three-month 14-nation tour of Africa, where he spoke about Consciousness-Based education to educators and government leaders and met with those practising the Transcendental Meditation Technique. (more)
library of congress Dr Schneider presents new paradigm at Library of Congress
18 April 2012
Dr Schneider, Dean of Maharishi College of Perfect Health, was invited along with other top medical scientists in the US to address the issue of the impact of stress on daily life in the individual physiology and in society. (more)
lotus Eternal Being and the unified field theory of modern science
16 April 2012
Maharishi described Being as the absolute element at the basis of the entire creation, and he predicted that someday theoretical physicists would also establish this basis of creation in a unified field theory. (more)
students David Lynch on bringing TM to our youth
13 April 201
Award-winning director and Founder and Chairman of the David Lynch Foundation wants to ensure that all children, who want to, can learn the Transcendental Meditation Techinque. (more)
wise man A wise man shares profound knowledge with his extended family
11 April 2012
At age 77, José Gutierrez has inspired 18 members of his extended family to practise the Transcendental Meditation Technique, and knows from experience the many benefits. (more)
Heather Developing consciousness is the key to solving environmental problems
9 April 2012
Science graduate Heather Levi Podoll says that the development of consciousness will help people make life-supporting decisions for themselves and the environment. (more)
professor MUM professor returns to apply latest IT industry knowledge
6 April 2012
Maharishi University of Management computer science and mathematics professor Paul Corazza has brought his experience from an 18-month working sabbatical in the IT industry back to the classroom. (more)
celebration Third cousins from China meet at MUM
4 April 2012
It wasn’t until they became friends at Maharishi University of Management, Iowa, USA, that Assistant Professor Ye Linlin Shi and MUM administrator Bei Eric Liu—both from China—discovered they were 3rd cousins. (more)
world Only higher consciousness can transform our world’ — Dr John Hagelin
2 April 2012

In a recent national broadcast, Dr John Hagelin spoke about a variety of topics including the importance of raising the collective consciousness of the people through meditation in order to elevate society. (more)
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"The potential of every student is infinite. The time of student life should serve to unfold that infinite potential so that every individual becomes a vibrant centre of Total Knowledge."—Maharishi

Optimizing Brain Functioning

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