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Meditator Cognizing complete knowledge
30 August 2009
Developing the non-changing state of consciousness as a permanent reality makes a man capable of living all knowledge in practical life. (more)
waterfalls Two approaches to gaining complete and reliable knowledge
27 August 2009
Maharishi speaks about the objective approach to gaining knowledge of the West and the subjective approach of the East. (more)
prize winner Creativity flourishes at Maharishi School
25 August 2009
Success in a wide array of competitions is a common outcome at Maharishi Schools around the world. (more)
lake Consciousness and Maharishi’s Science of Creative Intelligence
24 August 2009
The seven states of consciousness unfold the infinite potential of consciousness. (more)
graduate Total Knowledge is for ‘excellence in action’
21 August 2009
By applying the highest level of technology, Yogic Flyers offer a supreme service for their communities, nation and the world, and achieve true excellence in action. (more)
world An educational programme for ‘real knowledge’
19 August 2009
By bringing proper education to all nations, the ‘Real United Nations’, as described by Maharish, will unify, harmonize, and integrate all the nations and allow every individual to live his full creative potential, bliss. (more)
teacher Maharishi University of Management Communications and Media Department expanding
18 August 2009
At Maharishi University of Management, Fairfield, Iowa, USA, the Communications and Media programme is the newest and fastest growing undergraduate major. (more)
flowers Maharishi’s Science of Creative Intelligence and the means of gaining knowledge
17 August 2009
Offering a reliable, non-variable means of gaining knowledge in Unity Consciousness through the Science of Creative Intelligence. (more)
Yogic Flyer Yogic Flying—gaining mastery over gravity
14 August 2009
Through the practice of the Transcendental Meditation Sidhi Programme technique of Yogic Flying, students blissfully experience a deeper level of Nature's functioning, resulting in a growth of their maturity. (more)
children Giving Total Knowledge to children everywhere—our parental role for all generations
13 August 2009
Maharishi speaks about opening Vedic Universities to give children the experience of Transcendental Consciousness, Total Knowledge, the basis of everything in life. (more)
physiology Now available—Beautiful electronic display of Veda in the human physiology
11 August 2009
Everyone can now directly experience the sounds of the Veda and understand their profound effect on the different aspects of the human physiology through a brilliant electronic display. (more)
Lotus Development of enlightened students through the experience of Self-realization
10 August 2009
The basis of education is consciousness—knowledge of the knower—Self-realization, the experience of the full and unbounded nature of man’s own consciousness. (more)
china Students graduate from Maharishi University of Management in China
8 August 2009
Fifty-one students in China received their BA degrees from MUM on July 10th at the Overseas Chinese College (OCC) of the Capital University of Economics and Business, MUM’s partner university in Beijing. (more)
tower of invincibility Youngsters create invincibility for their nation at Maharishi Towers of Invincibility
6 August 2009
Students will be practising Maharishi's Technologies of Consciousness together in schools housed by Maharishi Towers of Invincibility in all the nations of the world. (more)
aspens Consciousness—the basis of all aspects of life
5 August 2009
The application of Transcendental Meditation to enliven consciousness will make all fields of life, including education, problem-free and very successful. (more)
Group Meditation Structuring invincibility for a nation through enlightened students
3 August 2009
‘Time demands enlightenment and national invincibility structured on the basis of enlightened individuals.’—Maharishi (more)
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"The potential of every student is infinite. The time of student life should serve to unfold that infinite potential so that every individual becomes a vibrant centre of Total Knowledge."—Maharishi

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