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Chinese students

China and the US shake hands at Maharishi University of Management
Part 1 — Students from partner China University enrol at Maharishi University of Management
Maharishi University of Management, with its profound Consciousness-Based Education curriculum, is rising to be a channel for increased cooperation and goodwill between the United States and China.

Keith Wallace Maharishi Consciousness-Based Education: Successful, satisfying education
Part 3 — Consciousness-Based Education for meeting career and personal goals, plus much more
College and university students are looking for an integrated, practical education that can prepare them for happiness, prosperity, and success in life. Only Consciousness-Based Education, allows students to fulfill all their goals and aspirations for their whole world family spontaneously.
Scales of Justice Enlightened principles of law, justice, and rehabilitation
Maharishi explains that every government has the responsibility of training citizens to act in a way that brings freedom, bliss, progress to all—fulfilment of individual's desires while supporting the desires of everyone else.
Robert Schneider A Breakthrough in blood pressure
The National Institutes of Health in the United States has recently awarded a multi-million dollar grant to Maharishi University of Management Research Institute for Natural Medicine and Prevention and the Howard University School of Medicine. This project, spearheaded by Robert Schneider, MD, will explore the mechanisms for high blood pressure and is an important new direction in medical research.
small child meditating Maharishi's Vedic Science provides answers to age-old questions
Tapping into the field of Total Natural Law, the student aligns his awareness with all the Laws of Nature. He finds that he is spontaneously able to accomplish his desires, without making mistakes. This is the practical value of knowing the Self.
boys meditating What is Maharishi Consciousness-Based Education? An in depth look
Part 1 — Schools to develop the full creative potential of every student
‘Developing the full creative potential of consciousness makes the student a master of his life; he spontaneously commands situations and circumstances. His behaviour is always nourishing to himself and everyone around him. He has the natural ability to fulfil his own interests without jeopardizing the interests of others. Such an ideal, enlightened individual is the result of ideal education—Consciousness-Based Education
                                                 —Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
MUM building Maharishi Consciousness-Based Education: Successful, satisfying education
Part 2 — National survey shows high levels of satisfaction for Maharishi University of Management
How do graduates of Maharishi University of Management rate their satisfaction with Consciousness-Based Education? Read the results from this independent national survey comparing M.U.M. graduates with those from over 1000 US universities and colleges.
Global Country emblem Maharishi's global plan for peace and prosperity
Part 3 — A Global Financial Capital based on infinite abundance
On 16 February of this year, the first sovereign ruler of the Global Country of World Peace, Maharaja Nader Ram launched Maharishi's seven programmes to eliminate poverty, war, and suffering through the agency of the Global Financial Center of the World.
GLobal Country emblem Maharishi's global plan for peace and prosperity
Part 4 — Seven powerful programmes to bless the world with peace, prosperity, health, and enlightened leadership
Maharishi's seven programmes, launched by the Global Financial Capital of New York, utilize the principles of Maharishi's Vedic Science and Maharishi's Technologies of the Unified Field for maximum progress, success, and fulfilment for all areas of life for the entire population of the world.
sunflowers Aligning life in accord with Natural Law
Part 2 — Students in Sustainable Living programme put their knowledge to practice
Students at Maharishi University of Management have constructed a biodiesel processor with views of setting up a co-op offering biofuels to the community.

brain power

Invincibility is the basis of peace and prosperity
What is invincibility? And is it possible for a large group of students to enliven Total Natural Law to bring peace, prosperity, and progress to their nation?

kiwi fruit

Eating right extends far beyond what's on the menu

Part 1 — Students discover: 'You are what you eat'

Maharishi explains that not only is the quality of the food important to nourish mind and body—but also the way the food was earned, the tendencies of the cook, and the consciousness of the farmer growing the food.


Maharishi's Consciousness-Based Education: Successful, satisfying education

Part 1 — Consciousness: The missing element in education today
Modern education is information-based, focusing on what is 'known'—facts, procedures, concepts. But it ignores the 'knower', the student's own consciousness. Maharishi's Consciousness-Based Education offers a new approach to education that satisfies the student's highest aspirations, by developing the student from within.

Maharishi & Guru Dev

Maharishi's global plan for peace and prosperity

Part 1 — Knowledge and technologies for global transformation
The ancient Vedic seers owned this secret knowledge of how to know and gain support of all the Laws of Nature, cognizing this supreme truth within the silent depths of their own consciousness. They passed this wisdom of reality down from teacher to student throughout the long history of time.

Dr Feldman Dr Feldman presents Invincibility Schools Project

Dr Benjamin Feldman, Minister of Finance and Planning of the Global Country of World Peace presented the Invincibility Schools Project and emphasized the need to produce the effect of invincibility for each country through these schools.

Maharishi's world Maharishi's global plan for peace and prosperity
Part 2 — Ancient accounts of life in peace and fulfilment
In this scientific age, speaking in the language of science, Maharishi has re-enlivened the knowledge of how to access the Unified Field, the Light of God, underlying all creation.



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"The potential of every student is infinite. The time of student life should serve to unfold that infinite potential so that every individual becomes a vibrant centre of Total Knowledge."—Maharishi

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