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Lotus Established in Being, perform action
30 August 2010
For complete fulfilment in life, Maharishi explains we must have our awareness established in the transcendent, the Unified Field of Natural Law. All action will then be undertaken by total Natural Law. (more)
sunrise A golden future dawning through Maharishi University of World Peace
27 August 2010
Dr Bevan Morris gives a vision of the possibilities for life available through Maharishi University of World Peace. (more)
garden An introduction to Maharishi University of World Peace
26 August 2010
Dr Bevan Morris, Prime Minister of the Global Country of World Peace, outlines the purpose and activities of Maharishi University of World Peace. (more)
boy Maharishi’s advice to students: Experience Total Knowledge through Transcendental Meditation
24 August 2010
Maharishi’s emphasizes the importance of experiencing Total Knowledge, at the time when a student's brain and whole physiology is developing, for all success in life. (more)
Dr Varma Consciousness-Based Education expands in India
23 August 2010
The number of schools and universities with Consciousness-Based Education is increasing rapidly in India due to the focus of Dr Girish Varma on creating a better world . (more)
girl reading Education solutions: Helping our children thrive
20 August 2010
Emphasizing the ‘special qualities of the young,’ long-time educators, Dr Susan Dillbeck and Dr Michael Dillbeck, show how to make the most of these qualities so that ‘our children, our communities, and our nation thrive in every way’. (more)
Kundan Kundan Karna—accounting for peace
18 August 2010
Kundan Karna, a Maharishi Universitiy of Management student from Nepal working towards his MBA in Accounting, decided to forgo the opportunity of a high-paying metropolitan job for the peaceful environment and friendly community of Fairfield, Iowa. (more)
oby Education solutions: A cost-effective, successful, common sense programme
17 August 2010
Long-time educator, Dr George Rutherford, elaborates on how success for a school is built-in with the ‘Quiet Time with Transcendental Meditation’ Programme. (more)
white blossoms The science of consciousness: the science of the sap
16 August 2010
Maharishi explains the relationship between the physical sciences and the science of consciousness. (more)
walt Whitman Walt Whitman—“The luminousness of real vision”
13 August 2010
Whitman's transcendental experiences were beautifully expressed in his poetry, and now those most profound experiences of transcendence are available to everyone through the Transcendental Meditation Technique. (more)
visitors MUM hosts successful Visitors Weekend in July
11 August 2010
Nearly 70 guests from around the country took part in the Visitors Weekend at Maharishi University of Management, Fairfield, Iowa, USA, in July. (more)
Bevan Student pressures and national security eased by Consciousness-Based Education
10 August 2010
Dr Bevan Morris explains how children and students using Consciousness-Based Education can create invincibility for a nation. (more)
lake Recommendations for Transcendental Meditation from a Canadian school
9 August 2010
Individuals in different areas of education in a Canadian school speak of the benefits they have received from their practice of Transcendental Meditation. (more)
Angela How different students value their practice of Transcendental Meditation
6 August 2010
Three students that took part in the American University research study on Transcendental Meditation explain how the practice has affected their lives in different ways. (more)
Laozi The Wise Seer of China—Laozi and the Tao-Te Ching
5 August 2010
In a new blog on the www.tm.org website, Dr Craig Pearson, Vice President of Maharishi University of Management, writes about the wisdom of Laozi contained in the Tao Te Ching.(more)
farmer Maharishi University of Management organic farms promote health and sustainability
3 August 2010
Growing and serving organic food provides students and campus residents with healthy meals necessary for the growth of consciousness and also contributes to MUM’s efforts to become a sustainable campus. (more)
library College students & ADHD: medication or meditation
2 August 2010
The Transcendental Meditation Technique is giving college students the sustained alertness they need for academic success, and many students with ADHD are now meditating to successfully come off their ADHD medications. (more)
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"The potential of every student is infinite. The time of student life should serve to unfold that infinite potential so that every individual becomes a vibrant centre of Total Knowledge."—Maharishi

Optimizing Brain Functioning

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