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south west Useful and creative thought—thought that has constructive purpose
29 January 2010
Maharishi reveals that only from the contented mind will thoughts arise that fulfill the purpose of evolution of the doer and the entire cosmic life. (more)
cactus flower ‘Right thought’—thought that is in accord in the natural course of evolution
27 January 2010
Maharishi explains how the mind can only entertain spontaneously right thought at all times by being established on the level of Being, in accord with the natural process of evolution. (more)
Norton Developing sustainable teaching technologies
26 January 2010
Maharishi University of Management is now working to establish itself as a premiere online source for sustainable solutions, and Lawrence Norton, MBA student, is in charge of the effort. (more)
boy The art of thinking
25 January 2010
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi explains the art of thinking: the spontaneous ability to have powerful thoughts supported by Being, Transcendental Consciousness. (more)
campus Maharishi University of Management greatly expands campus recycling programme
22 January 2010
The university in Fairfield, Iowa, USA will save 18 tons of recyclable material per month from going to the landfill, as they work to make their recycling system as efficient as possible.  (more)
thai group Consciousness-Based Education in Thailand
20 January 2010
An understanding of consciousness helped students in Thailand understand very deep mathematical concepts, when taught by Maharishi University of Management professor Dr. Cathy Gorini. (more)
lady Becoming familiar with pure intelligence, the fundamental value of life
19 January 2010
Through the Science of Creative Intelligence, we become familiar with the fundamental value of life and are better able to handle its expressions in the different fields of behaviour, health, and education. (more)
pink flower Maharishi Mahesh Yogi introduces the Science of Creative Intelligence
18 January 2010
The Science of Creative Intelligence studies the fundamental value of life and locates all the principles that are involved in the development of the qualities of Creative Intelligence. (more)

school building

Maharishi School students win state robotics competition
16 January 2010
A team of six Maharishi School students recently won the Iowa robotics championship, competing against 17 other teams. Now, the team is preparing for the 2010 World Championships.

Nepal The ‘Rotating University’ programme at Maharishi University of Management
15 January 2010
Through the ‘Rotating University’ programme, students at Maharishi University of Management travel and study abroad while also continuing their practice of the Transcendental Meditation and Transcendental Meditation Sidhi Programme. (more)
Maharishi Heaven is within you
13 January 2010
In a timeless BBC interview of two holy men, the Abbot of Downside and Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, founder of the Transcendental Meditation Programme, what may have been thought of as two spiritual approaches are seen to have great similarity.  (more)
girls meditating The education at a Maharishi School
11 January 2010
Maharishi’s Consciousness-Based Education is easy to implement and is based upon the most advanced scientific knowledge of our age; it is a proven technology for developing the inner intelligence of a student.  (more)
Baruti President of the Maharishi University of Management's Global Student Council
8 January 2010
Baruti KMT (pronounced Kemet) serves as the President of the Global Student Council and is excited to share the benefits of Consciousness-Based Education with the world. (more)
sun Shedding light on solving student problems—the principle of the second element
6 January 2010
An approach which does not explore problems but eliminates them by ‘bringing light to remove darkness,’ is offered as a complement to the increasing mental health needs of college students. (more)
student New student organization in the USA
4 January 2010
The Students Transcendental Meditation Association is opening clubs on college campuses in America bringing students an explosion of creative expression, holistic development of their full potential, freedom from stress and anxiety and, with that, confidence in a bright future. (more)
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