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Innovation in education
28 December 2007
Education should not only be concerned with giving efficiency in a profession, but should also make man master of his nature; and man’s nature in its completeness is the nature of the universe. Maharishi's Consciousness-Based Education offers education to enliven the full creative potential and inner happiness of every student and teacher, eliminate stress, and enliven total brain functioning.

universe The Upanishads and the nature of Truth
26 December 2007
The Upanishads contain beautiful and exhilarating expressions, which are descriptive of consciousness waking-up to its own true nature. Stories from the Upanishads remind us of the flow of our life towards its supreme goal.
Dr Deans Invincibility for Europe through Consciousness-Based Education: Dr Ashley Deans presents highlights of his tour - Part I
24 December 2007
Dr Ashley Deans, Director of Maharishi School of the Age of Enlightenment in Fairfield, Iowa, USA, visited nine European nations, then continued on to Israel to present Maharishi’s Consciousness-Based Education.
Israeli flag against an ancient wall Dr Ashley Deans presents Consciousness-Based Education in Israel
22 December 2007
Dr Ashley Deans introduced the Maharishi's Consciousness-Based Education programmes to over 160 educators as well as many thousands of people through the Israeli press. He presented to them a proven, scientific solution to the deep educational crises Israel is facing, and a means to create national invincibility.
SA boys The responsibility of each student
20 December 2007
Every student has to be easy and simple in his daily routine, never complicated or negative in his thinking, and always alert. The student develops leadership daily by being alert and promptly fulfilling his responsibility at school and at home.
Dean The structure of Global Mother Divine' s organization for Total Knowledge-Based Education
18 December 2007
During the recent Global Mother Divine Congress, the structure of Total Knowledge-Based Education was presented and action steps to set up the organization in every country were outlined.
amaryllis Students Participate in a Historic Congress
Part 1 First International Congress of the Global Mother Divine Organization

17 December 2007
A new administration, which will bring enlightened, blissful life to the ladies of the world and their nations was inaugurated at the First International Congress of Global Mother Divine.
TM boys Student Yogic Flyers to bring invincibility to one country per week in Latin America in the last month of 2007
14 December 2007
Three countries in Latin America have been chosen for new educational institutions to be built as part of the programme to create invincibility for every nation through Maharishi’s Consciousness-Based Education.
orchid Total Knowledge-Based Education to develop enlightenment in every student
14 December 2007
Ideal education is now available—education that will allow the nourishing quality that is natural to all girls and ladies to blossom in that invincible power of Nature which upholds existence and maintains evolution, forming the very basis of cosmic life. These fortunate students will rise to enlightenment and bless every nation of the world with invincibility.
Asian girl

Global Mother Divine Congress addresses  Consciousness-Based Education

Total Knowledge for enlightenment and bliss
12 December 2007
The First International Congress of the Global Mother Divine organization presented the beautiful enlightened structure and curriculum for Consciousness-Based Education, explaining that mother is the first teacher and all learning begins on the lap of mother. Being in that vital role it is important for every mother to have Total Knowledge for her own fulfillment and to impart Total Knowledge to her children so that every generation grows up living their full potential and knowing how to live a mistake-free life in freedom, enlightenment, and bliss.

Austin The fruit of education: Feeling at home with everything
12 December 2007
Maharishi University of Management has developed an ideal system of education in which the student enjoys the fruit of all knowledge while he is studying the different disciplines.
student girl

Ancient secrets from Maharishi Ayur Veda for radiating a positive personality

Part 1: Students learn secrets for a balanced personality and physiology
10 December 2007
Many students and young adults are now tapping into the wealth of knowledge, provided by Maharishi Ayur Veda, to maintain balance and to enjoy the full expression of their body’s inner intelligence. When a person’s mind and body are functioning in a balanced way they experience and radiate bliss—inner happiness, and perfect health.

students Consciousness-Based Education brings Invincibility to Colombia
4 December 2007
Over 1,500 students in Colombian schools have learned the Transcendental Meditation Programme this year, and there are presently over 700 who learned the advanced TM-Sidhi Programme, including Yogic Flying. Students in Colombia are benefiting individually by developing coherence and total brain functioning, and group practice in schools is now creating invincibility and peace for a nation that has had civil war and conflicts for years.



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"The potential of every student is infinite. The time of student life should serve to unfold that infinite potential so that every individual becomes a vibrant centre of Total Knowledge."—Maharishi

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