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What is Maharishi Consciousness-Based Education? An in-depth look

Part 6—Education for invincibility

‘Our students have a remarkable ability to grasp abstract principles and connect them to their own Self and the universe. They are very loving to one another and support each other on their path of growth to higher states of consciousness.

—Consciousness-Based Education
.. High School teacher


A definition of the knowledge offered by the faculty of Law at Maharishi Vedic University

The knowledge at Maharishi Vedic University embraces all the traditional content of each discipline, but on the foundation of the field of Total Knowledge, and as an expression of Total Knowledge.

meditating boy

Total Knowledge for everyone

Every discipline at Maharishi Vedic University is studied in the light of Total Knowledge, which means wholeness, totality—Veda. This knowledge embraces all the traditional content of each discipline on the foundation of the field of Total Knowledge.

Image showing the outline of the human body Excellence in the field of health
Knowledge at Maharishi Vedic University reveals that to be established in the field of immortality is the ideal of perfect health. Perfect health is accessible to anyone by gaining Total Knowledge through the science and technology of Total Natural Law—Veda.
Dr Ramani Ayer in cap and gown at the podium Realising the pursuit of excellence
Dr Ramani Ayer, Chairman and CEO of the Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc, a Fortune 100 Company, delivered a brilliant keynote address to the graduating class of 2007 at Maharishi University of Management in Fairfield, Iowa, USA.
Young boy leaning over his book

What is Maharishi Consciousness-Based Education? An in-depth look
Part 5 — Culturing refinement on every level of the student's life
‘At the heart of this (Consciousness-Based) school lies the fulfilment of all your dreams. Through this kind of routine and education, you find that you can know anything, be anything, and that you are everything. Nothing is impossible.’

— Consciousness-Based High School student

Fully blossomed rose

Secrets for gaining the most from your surroundings with least effort

Part 4 — The art of successful thought
Skilful thinking should expend the least amount of mental energy, while expressing the most powerful thought. When thought is powerful, fulfilment is certain.

Austin Ayer in cap and gown at the podium Valedictorian's wise words
During the address to the graduating students at Maharishi University of Management, Austin Ayer offers wise counsel: if you focus on one task throughout your life, let it be to know that by which everything is known.
Keelan Dimick Keelan Dimick, musical genius
In an interview on Fairfield, Iowa-based KRUU-FM Radio show, 'Speaking Freely with Dennis Raimondi', we meet a sixteen-year-old musical genius who is making a difference in our world.
huge wave cresting in the ocean Secrets for gaining the most from your surroundings with least effort
Part 3 — How to Make full use of the almighty power of Nature
Through one’s direct experience of Being during the practice of Maharishi's Transcendental Meditation, the almighty power of Nature works for one. The stability, intelligence, and bliss of Nature pervades the field of action and achievement, bringing maximum success.
Raja Peter Warburton Excellence in the field of education
Dr Peter Warburton—Raja of England for the Global Country of World Peace—expounds on the cutting-edge, state-of-the-art curriculum of Maharishi Central University. He explains how it delivers Total Knowledge to every student.
Young boys in classroom activity What is Maharishi Consciousness-Based Education? An in-depth look
Part 4 — Maharishi's principles of ideal teaching
'Because their hearts and minds are equally engaged, it is utterly delightful experiencing their appreciation of the knowledge. And it is so nourishing to watch the way they integrate what they learn so easily and quickly.'  Consciousness-Based Education english teacher
Dr Jane Deans and Dr Ashley Deans Scotland welcomes Maharishi Consciousness-Based Education tour
Dr Ashley Deans, Director of the Maharishi School of the Age of Enlightenment, Fairfield, USA, with his wife Dr Jane Deans, completed another highly successful tour in Scotland to introduce Maharishi Consciousness-Based Education.
Dr Clarence Cormier, former Minister of Edcuation, Canada Schools in Ottawa and Toronto, Canada, moving to adopt Maharishi Consciousness-Based Education
Dr Clarence Cormier, former Minister of Education for New Brunswick, Canada and current Minister of Education in the Canada Peace Government has inspired great achievements in Canadian schools.
Raja Kingsley Brooks Education is the science and art of unfolding values hidden from view
Dr Kingsley Brooks, Raja of New England for the Global Country of World Peace, explained to the press why Maharishi has said repeatedly that everything depends on education.
Hay bale in a green field Secrets for gaining the most from your surroundings with least effort
Part 2 — How to make best use of your surroundings
Maharishi explains how to gain maximum support from our environment. We reap what we sow. When we are living in tune with all the Laws of Nature, we are capable of making best use of our surroundings.
A galaxy floats in empty space

What is Maharishi Consciousness-Based Education? An in-depth look
Part 3 —Consciousness-Based curriculum
‘I enjoy exploring the entire cosmos with my intellect in our physics classes, because I have experienced the whole universe inside myself during Transcendental Meditation.’

                         —Student of Consciousness-Based High School

Mrs Frances Clarke—Principal of Maharishi School in Melbourne, Australia Enlightened Education in Australia
Maharishi Consciousness-Based Education offers complete knowledge that develops the full creative potential of every student. Educators, students and parents testify to the brilliance of this unique approach to learning.
Beautiful traditional Indian style builiding Maharishi Centre for Educational Excellence—INDIA
A highly qualified and distinguished faculty guide over 1,000 students—from kindergarten to PhD level—at the Maharishi Centre for Educational Excellence in Bhopal, India.
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Consciousness-Based Education
Summary of Scientific Research

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Optimizing Brain Functioning through Yogic Flying
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"The potential of every student is infinite. The time of student life should serve to unfold that infinite potential so that every individual becomes a vibrant centre of Total Knowledge."—Maharishi

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