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Eating right extends far beyond what’s on the menu
Part 4—The purpose of cooking and eating: students grow in their cosmic purpose
29 November 2007
The quality of one’s mind at the time of eating directly affects the influence the food produces. This article discusses the importance of the purpose of cooking and eating, and how this affects one’s mind.


Students help bring invincibility to the world

Part 3 — An inspiration from the coherent waves of invincibility spreading around the world
29 November 2007
More and more nations are seeing that Consciousness-Based Education satisfies the oldest traditions and highest ideals of their people. With each new Consciousness-Based Education school and university being established, a wave of invincibility is sweeping over the world, ensuring world peace and prosperity.

Global Invincibility team prepares to raise the flag of the Global Country of World Peace in Bulgaria Invincible Bulgaria University
28 November 2007
Invincible Bulgaria University was introduced to the public as an unprecedented breakthrough in the field of education that brings the total development of the human brain for enlightenment to every student and invincibility for every country.
Dr Ashley Deans Internationally renowned educator presents solution to crisis in British education
28 November 2007
Pioneering educator and great expert in the field of education, Dr Ashley Deans visited the United Kingdom to meet educators nationwide to inform them how to implement Consciousness-Based Education in their schools for an immediate solution to the national crisis in education.
students Students help bring invincibility to the world
Part 2: The basis for invincibility

23 November 2007
An in-depth look at what invincibility is and how Maharishi's Consciousness-Based Education and large groups of Yogic Fliers ensure invincibility for the nation.
Finiland launch Filmmaker David Lynch launches Invincible Finland University
19 November 2007
Flag-raising ceremonies took place 5-9 November for Invincible Finland University, Invincible Estonia University, and Invincible  Bulgaria University. There is strong support in every country to establish these new universities where the students will gain enlightenment and radiate peace in the world on a permanent basis.
students Students help bring invincibility to the world
Part 1: Students are key contributors to national invincibility

19 November 2007
Just as a few cells in the heart, known as the pacemaker cells, regulate the healthy beating of the heart, likewise, a small percentage of the population can enliven progress and invincibility for the whole nation. This positive effect is known as the Maharishi Effect, named after the founder of the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi Programme, His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.
Estonia mtg Invincible Estonia University for students in Estonia
17 November 2007
Dr David Lynch and leaders of the Global Country of World Peace recently addressed a large press conference in Estonia. Top Estonian television, radio, and newspaper crews, as well as many other reporters, enjoyed the profound knowledge being presented, and showed great respect and interest.
flower Education for Enlightenment through Maharishi's Transcendental
Meditation and TM-Sidhi Programme

16 November 2007
In 1978, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi addressed an assembly on 'The Role of Education in Making the Nation Invincible.' He said that an educated man is an enlightened man. Education should fully culture the awareness of the student to establish enlightenment.
Chinese rocks TM-Sidhi Programme: a life changing technique
15 November 2007
Dumisani Dladla of Johannesburg, South Africa, explains how Maharishi's Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi Programme changes his life dramatically. Dumisani tells his wonderful story.
Ethiopian New Year Ethiopian students host millenium celebration
13 November 2007
Over 100 Ethiopian students, enrolled at Maharishi University of Management, Fairfield, Iowa, USA, in a highly selective and successful Computer Professionals programme, hosted a celebration of the Ethiopian millennium with the community.
student Record number of students enrolled at Maharishi University of Management
11 November 2007
Enrolment at Maharishi University of Management, Iowa, USA has nearly tripled over the past 11 years, reaching a historic high, with students from over 25 countries.
Donavan Invincible Donovan University in Scotland
9 November 2007
Forty years ago, singer and poet, Donovan gave expressions in his songs, to the inner field of happiness within. Now, his aspiration to establish Invincible Donovan University will provide a practical way for students to open the door to infinite bliss within.

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