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Maharishi's Vedic Science reveals how to restore the flow of Nature
31 July 2008
There is a simple solution for returning the flow of nature to its right and evolutionary direction. One only has to bring one’s awareness to the home of all the Laws of Nature through the simple, natural techniques for development of consciousness from Maharishi.

orange rose Gaining the fruit of all knowledge
30 July 2008
Maharishi explains how we gain the fruit of all knowledge in daily life through experience of the field of pure intelligence, the unmanifest level of Creative Intelligence and fountainhead of creativity.
Maharishi 'My advice to students'—Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
29 July 2008
Maharishi gives students everywhere practical advice about using the Transcendental Meditation Technique.
ocean and clouds Transcendental Meditation Technique brings peace to an inner-city high school
28 July 2008
At one of the toughest inner-city high schools in Hartford, Connecticut, USA, the students have begun to learn the Transcendental Meditation Technique. It has brought an immediate transformation to inner calm in the students and staff, and outer coherence to the learning environment as a whole.
girls meditating Consciousness and Maharishi's Science of Creative Intelligence
25 July 2008
Maharishi explains the seven states of consciousness and the unfoldment of the infinite potential of Creative Intelligence.
solar panels Students visit Abundance Ecovillage
24 July 2008
Students, touring Abundance Ecovillage in Fairfield, Iowa, experienced how modern technology, coupled with ancient Vedic principles of architecture, can create sustainable living in accord with Natural Law.
graduation in dome Wise advice to graduating students for ensuring success
22 July 2008
In his commencement address to the 2008 graduates of Maharishi University of Management, Dr Howard Settle presented, with great clarity, five points of wisdom for ensuring success.
Dr wallace teaching Maharishi's Absolute Theory of Education: Bringing enlightenment to every educator and every student
21 July 2008
Maharishi outlines his Absolute Theory of Education, which beautifully explains the goal of education, in just a few main points.
lotus Maharishi's Science of Creative Intelligence and the objective and subjective approaches to gaining knowledge
19 July 2008
Maharishi explains that in the development of Unity Consciousness, the Science of Creative Intelligence offers a reliable, non-variable means of gaining knowledge.
Peru girls meditating A scientific explanation of the Maharishi Effect
17 July 2008
Raja for Latin America, Raja Luis, recalls how many years ago Maharishi created a positive influence for Brazil and Ecuador, ending a five-year drought in Brazil, and ending border tensions in Ecuador. Now modern science can explain the positive influence of Maharishi's Transcendental Meditation and Transcendental Meditation Sidhi Programme in the life of any country.
MUE grad New one-year programme at Maharishi University of Enlightenment
16 July 2008
Female students at Maharishi University of Management now have the option of spending one year of their academic programme at Maharishi University of Enlightenment (MUE), USA, which offers degree programmes in Maharishi Vedic Science at the BA, MA, and PhD levels while students participate in the Mother Divine programme.
David Lynch kids Award-winning video students hired by Lynch Foundation
14 July 2008
Students of Maharishi University of Management are being hired to make video and film presentations about Transcendental Meditation that will be featured on the upcoming website of renowned filmmaker Dr David Lynch, DavidLynchFoundation.tv.
Sun and clouds Enlivening the consciousness of the student for life in accord with Natural Law
11 July 2008
Maharishi speaks about the value of introducing Transcendental Meditation and the Transcendental Meditation Sidhi Programme into education to enliven Natural Law in the awareness of every student.
Ashley Deans Dr Ashley Deans presents the remarkable achievements of the students of the Maharishi School, Fairfield, Iowa, USA
10 July 2008
The Director of the Maharishi School, Dr Ashley Deans, praised the graduating class. The Maharishi School offers Consciousness-Based Education to students from preschool through high school.
fruit and nuts The Ultimate in Agriculture: Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture
8 July 2008
Now the knowledge is available to create the highest quality food, bursting with vitality for the healthy, happy life of the nation, through Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture.
sky Developing the ability to command the creative process from the fountainhead of all creation, the field of pure intelligence
3 July 2008
Maharishi explains how man can be the master of his own destiny—by developing greater Creative Intelligence in his awareness and functioning in a more evolutionary pattern, which structures his present and his future.
MMY Central Univ Maharishi speaks about Maharishi Central University
2 July 2008
Beautiful points from Maharishi were given concerning the groundbreaking new university, Maharishi Central University, which will train a new generation of enlightened leaders for the world.
meditating girls The silent cure for the silent epidemic
1 July 2008
Educators have voiced concern over 'the silent epidemic'—the high student dropout rate—and increasingly are turning to Consciousness-Based Education for a solution.



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"The potential of every student is infinite. The time of student life should serve to unfold that infinite potential so that every individual becomes a vibrant centre of Total Knowledge."—Maharishi

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