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Enlivening the transcendental level of speech
30 September 2008
Maharishi explains how to enliven the transcendental level of speech for all possibilities and bliss to be expressed in thought, speech, and action.

Chinese students New students arrive at Maharishi University of Management from M.U.M. Beijing campus
29 September 2008
Students from Maharishi University of Management (M.U.M.) campus in Beijing, China, recently arrived in Fairfield, Iowa, USA, for the third and fourth years of their MBA programme.
2 boys TMing Creating a better world
26 September 2008
During a Global Press Conference, Maharishi responded to a question from a Dutch student on how students can create a peaceful, better world.
MUM girl Maharishi's Science of Creative Intelligence, an ideal system of education designed to develop enlightenment in every student
24 September 2008
Through Maharishi's Science of Creative Intelligence a student can rise to the highest level of human development, in which all values of life are unified as a single wholeness in one's awareness.
students Celebrating the gift of Ezemvelo Nature Reserve to the Maharishi Invincibility Institute in South Africa
23 September 2008
Students of Maharishi Invincibility Institute in Johannesburg, South Africa, celebrate the gift to the Institute of the Ezemvelo Nature Reserve by Nicky and Strilli Oppenheimer.
visitors weekend at MUM Locating the source of different languages and cultures in the different Laws of Nature
22 September 2008
Maharishi explains how the different languages, cultures, and Laws of Nature have their common source in the universal value of Natural Law, the ultimate reality of our own Self.
MUM student center Big jump in Maharishi University of Management's new student enrolment
18 September 2008
Enrolment at Maharishi University of Management in Fairfield, Iowa, USA, continues to surge with many new students enrolling this fall in both undergraduate students and graduate programmes.
MUM girl smiling Vedic Education—giving the 'fruit of all knowledge' to everyone
17 September 2008
Maharishi explains the benefits of Vedic Education—to create perfection in all areas of life.
earth on lotus Maharishi's Vedic Science: The science of Nature as a whole
16 September 2008
In this profound talk by Maharishi, he reveals in greater detail the nature of Veda. When the awareness is open to the Veda, it gains the lively potential of Natural Law.
tribal council Native Americans enthusiastically respond to Maharishi's Vedic Knowledge
15 September 2008
Dr Robert Roth, National Director of Expansion for the Global Country of World Peace in the United States, reports on his recent visit to a Native American tribe in Nebraska.
school boy meditating The Transcendental Meditation Technique: Royal road to Self-realization
12 September 2008
Maharishi gives a beautiful description of the Transcendental Meditation Technique and strongly urges educators to implement it in their curricula.

The Science of Creative Intelligence: The unified basis of knowledge

11 September 2008
Maharishi explains how, by gaining both direct experience and intellectual knowledge of the growth of consciousness, a student appreciates the relationship between all academic disciplines.

teacher and student Maharishi's Absolute Theory of Education brings wisdom to youth of every country
10 September 2008
Maharishi outlines how his Absolute Theory of Education will bring enlightenment to every individual and put an end to ignorance and suffering.
Latin American students Consciousness-Based Education wins awards from the Latin American Congress of Quality in Education
9 September 2008
In a recent Global Family Chat on the Maharishi Channel, Raja Jose Luis Alvarez, Raja of Latin America, reported on awards given to Consciousness-Based Education schools during ceremonies in Ecuador.
girl smiling The meaning of education—the full blossoming of life for the individual and the nation
5 September 2008
Maharishi reveals that the missing fundamental in education is the knowledge and experience of consciousness.
lotus leaves A new science: The Science of Creative Intelligence
4 September 2008
Maharishi explains that the Science of Creative Intelligence provides knowledge of the deep level of intelligence that is the origin of everything.
Lynch in Brazil Dr David Lynch and Donovan inspire students in Brazil
3 September 2008
Dr David Lynch and Donovan visit a school in Brazil where 3,500 students have learnt the Transcendental Meditation Technique, funded by the David Lynch Foundation for Consciousness-Based Education and World Peace.
MUM campus Education for Enlightenment
2 September 2008
Maharishi reveals the value of education at Maharishi University of Management.
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"The potential of every student is infinite. The time of student life should serve to unfold that infinite potential so that every individual becomes a vibrant centre of Total Knowledge."—Maharishi

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