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Maharishi’s Vedic Science—establishing an intimate connection beween the individual and the universe
31 December 2008
Maharishi outlines how Vedic Science connects the individual and the universe, resulting in the feeling that ‘the whole world is my family’.

Dr Bargerstock Training enlightened accountants
30 December 2008
Professor Andrew Bargerstock loves teaching courses in the Accounting Professionals MBA programme in the wonderful academic environment at Maharishi University of Management.
Brain Awakening a child's total brain potential
29 December 2008
In a Global Press Conference on 14 March 2007, Dr Bevan Morris, President of Maharishi University of Management in Fairfield, Iowa, spoke about the value and influence of developing the full potential of consciousness through Consciousness-Based Education.
award winners Maharishi University of Management students gain qualities necessary for success
26 December 2008
Mediation skills came naturally to a group of students at Maharishi Univerisity of Management, Fairfield, Iowa, USA, due to their practice of Transcendental Meditation.
girl smiling Total Knowledge in Consciousness-Based Education brings fulfilment to every student
23 December 2008
Maharishi answers a student's question about how to be sure the world they will inherit will be a world of peace and tranquility.
Arenanders in India Bringing Maharishi's Transcendental Meditation to 100,000 Indian students
22 December 2008
Following their six-week tour of India and many presentations on Maharishi's Vedic Science and total brain development, Drs Alarik and Cynthia Arenander have set a goal of 100,000 Indian students learning Maharishi's Transcendental Meditation. They are happy to announce recent strides in reaching this target.
Individual is cosmic The ultimate awakening: 'I am everything,' and consciousness can create anything
19 December 2008
Maharishi explains that when consciousness is able to create anything it desires, then the ultimate awakening of enlightenment comes: consciousness is the essential constituent of all the expressions in creation.
campus Maharishi Academy of Total Knowledge prepares to open
18 December 2008
Opening soon, since renovations are almost completed, the Maharishi Academy of Total Knowledge in Antrim, New Hampshire, USA, will offer Consciousness-Based high school education for boys.
sunrise Consciousness, the prime mover of life
16 December 2008
Maharishi speaks about the fundamental importance of the knowledge of consciousness in education.
Maharishi Why 'Maharishi Vedic University'
15 December 2008
Understanding the name 'Maharishi Vedic University' offers insight into the significance of this university, a university of consciousness. By providing the fruit of all knowledge—mistake-free, problem-free life—to its students, such a university makes higher education truly meaningful.
Pink flowers Comparison of modern science and Vedic Science—Part 2
12 December 2008
The second article in which Maharishi compares the different principles guiding modern science and Maharishi Vedic Science
Blue flowers Comparison of modern science and Maharishi’s Vedic Science—Part 1
10 December 2008
Maharishi presents the difference in modes of gaining knowledge in modern science and Maharishi Vedic Science.
alumnus Maharishi University of Management alum presents at military and police conference
9 December 2008
University alumnus David Leffler recently gave a briefing about Invincible Defense Technology at a conference for military and law enforcement-related personnel in Washington, DC.
brain testing Consciousness and its parallel physiology 
8 December 2008
Maharishi speaks about the 'meeting point' of consciousness and physiology.
students School of Thought—A documentary on Maharishi School of the Age of Enlightenment
5 December 2008
Filmmaker Tony Perri has produced a documentary on the Maharishi School of the Age of Enlightenment, a model school of Consciousness-Based Education in Fairfield, Iowa, USA, that has enjoyed great academic and athletic success.
Professor Total Knowledge—the blessing of Maharishi Vedic University
4 December 2008
Maharishi Vedic University, and all Consciousness-Based schools, bring Total Knowledge to the student, giving him the 'fruit of all knowledge', mistake-free, problem-free life, life fully supported by Cosmic Intelligence.
flowers Consciousness, Existence, Intelligence
2 December 2008
Maharishi explains the abstract structure and functioning of consciousness within itself.
girl meditating Vedic Science-Based Education
1 December 2008
Maharishi speaks about Vedic Science, the science of pure knowledge and its organizing power.
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"The potential of every student is infinite. The time of student life should serve to unfold that infinite potential so that every individual becomes a vibrant centre of Total Knowledge."—Maharishi

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