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Amrita Student requests Consciousness-Based Education
27 February 2009
A student expresses her wish that the degree programme Maharishi's Science of Consciousness with Specialization in Media and Animated Design in the Light of Total Knowledge be available in India. 
MUE logo Gaining perfect health and long life through the experience of bliss
25 February 2009
In a recent presentation of her masters degree thesis, a graduate of Maharishi University of Enlightenment shows how, by receiving the knowledge and techniques for gaining bliss consciousness, her Consciousness-Based Education offered long life and perfect health.
Dr Dillbeck Bringing invincibility to every nation through Consciousness-Based Education
24 February 2009
Dr Susan Dillbeck presents the knowledge, resources, and guidelines for introducing Consciousness-Based Education in schools, colleges, and universities around the world.
Dr Abramson Students can 'have it all'
23 February 2009
The Transcendental Meditation Programme, a successful, common sense approach to fulfilling the goals of education and eliminating the current problems of students and educators, has inspired Dr Jeffrey Abramson to invite others to join his family's foundation in 'giving the gift of a bright future for the next generation'.
Flower garden An integrated system of education
20 February 2009
Maharishi explains how the teaching of Natural Law should include both the development of consciousness and the intellectual understanding of how Nature organizes the infinite diversity of creation with precision and orderliness.
Girl speaking The frictionless flow of communication
18 February 2009
Students need to develop the state of least excitation of consciousness, from where communication will have the quality of frictionless flow and will create an evolutionary influence.
Researcher Students learn EEG research, make interesting discoveries
17 February 2009
At Maharishi University of Management, Fairfield, Iowa, USA, students, using electroencephalography (EEG) for research, did a number of pilot studies that yielded remarkable results, including that our thoughts affect the brainwaves of others.
white rose Providing the basis of speech—making speech vital to fulfil its purpose
16 February 2009
Maharishi explains that opening our awareness to the unmanifest, transcendental source of speech, makes our speech vital to fulfil its purpose.
two girls The enormous knowledge and capability available in Vedic Education
13 February 2009
Maharishi outlines for the world press his vision of Total Knowledge for children everywhere through Vedic Education.
fountain A 'fountain of youth'—Maharishi University of Enlightenment in the abode of the Mother Divine Programme
12 February 2009
A student of Maharishi University of Enlightenment, who is in her senior years, expresses her feelings that being a student at this university in the abode of the Mother Divine programme is 'a magical technology for reversing the ageing process' and welcomes other ladies her age to join her in this 'fountain of youth'.
student's smiling Maharishi's integrated system of education to create integrated individuals
10 February 2009
Maharishi explains how gaining the knowledge and experience of Total Natural Law brings life in accord with the full potential of Natural Law, free from problems and suffering. 
girl meditating Presenting the knowledge and experience of the Self
9 February 2009
When one finds the whole field of change as the expression of non-change, the experiencer finds himself as the source and goal of all change—the fulfilment of knowledge.
flower path Maharishi invites everyone to enjoy the full creative potential of life 
5 February 2009
Maharishi inaugurates 1008 Colleges of Natural Law throughout the world for life everywhere in the world to blossom in the totality of Natural Law.
Tennis chammps Training Without Strain
4 February 2009
Lawrence Eyre, the award winning coach of the tennis team at Maharishi School, Fairfield, Iowa, USA, attributes his player's achievements to the Transcendental Meditation technique.
Maharishi Global Inauguration of Maharishi University of Natural Law, 4 April 1982
3 February 2009
Maharishi inaugurated Maharishi University of Natural Law to enlighten the whole population of the world so that everyone born on earth may enjoy life in full accord with Natural Law.
Tacher and student Become a custodian of Total Knowledge through the unique features of Maharishi's Vedic Education
2 February 2009
Maharishi explains that for life to be guided by Natural Law, the student must receive Total Knowledge first, and then the constituents of knowledge.
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"The potential of every student is infinite. The time of student life should serve to unfold that infinite potential so that every individual becomes a vibrant centre of Total Knowledge."—Maharishi

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