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sunset Unified Field-Based Education—the foundation for Unified Field-Based Government
31 October 2009
Unified Field-Based Education allows government to rise to the same effectiveness and perfection of organization with which Natural Law governs the vast universe. (more)
Dr Heaton New article on Natural Law-Based Management
30 October 2009
An article by professor Dennis Heaton that describes the unique approach to management education at Maharishi University of Management has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Human Values. (more)
child Maharishi Preschool builds Nature Explore Classroom
28 October 2009
A grant from the AIM Empowerment Board was given to Maharishi Preschool to build Southeast Iowa’s first certified Nature Explore Classroom, a model classroom is designed to connect children to nature. (more)
faculty The need to establish a Faculty of Consciousness at every university
26 October 2009
A Faculty of Consciousness at every university will bring ‘life-oriented’ education that develops higher states of consciousness for maximum success in all fields of personal and professional life. (more)
students Maharishi University of Management files report on sustainability in education
23 October 2009
Maharishi University Management, Iowa, USA, is one of five US universities to date who have reported their progress toward sustainability and good corporate citizenship using the Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME). (more)
student Maharishi’s Unified Field-Based integrated system of education
21 October 2009
Maharishi’s Unified-Field-Based integrated system of education, connects the parts of knowledge with the whole—the Unified Field of Natural Law—and the whole of knowledge with the Self of the student. (more)
award winner Maharishi University of Management Communications and Media Department expands
20 October 2009
The Department of Communications and Media will continue to give rise to talented filmmakers as it adds faculty, a new lab, new equipment, and additional classes. (more)
new students Highest new undergraduate enrolment in 20 years at Maharishi University of Management
19 October 2009
New programmes at Maharishi University of Management and an increasing interest in consciousness, meditation, and other progressive values are attracting new students to MUM. (more)
lotus Connecting individual awareness to its source, the Unified Field, for mistake-free life
16 October 2009
Maharishi explains how to eliminate mistakes in life and promote ideal, life-supporting behaviour by connecting individual awareness to the Unified Field, the total potential of Natural Law. (more)
Eyre Maharishi School tennis coach receives national honor
14 October 2009
Maharishi School tennis coach Lawrence Eyre was recently named National High School Coach of the Year by the United States Professional Tennis Association (USPTA). (more)
school Natural Law and national law
12 October 2009
The creation of schools, colleges, and universities by Maharishi will bring fulfilment to national law by creating full educated, enlightened individuals living in accord with Natural Law in an ideal society. (more)
lake Familiarizing the student with the total potential of Natural Law
10 October 2009
Maharishi explains the three levels of education necessary for a student to accomplish anything from within himself and gain freedom in life. (more)
flower Fulfilling the purpose of education—complete knowledge for every student
8 October 2009
The curriculum at schools and universities founded by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi around the world is designed to fulfil the purpose of education by providing complete, practical knowledge for every student. (more)
Yogic flyer Creating coherence and harmony in world consciousness
7 October 2009
Students can command the infinite organizing power of Natural Law to create coherence and harmony in world consciousness. (more)
mountains Bringing life in accord with the natural law of the land to create balance in Nature
5 October 2009
When greater balance in Nature is established, the path of evolution becomes free from resistance; a more full value of life will be lived by everyone. (more)
Professor Dr Schmidt-Wilk reappointed editor of award-winning journal
3 October 2009
Maharishi University of Management professor Jane Schmidt-Wilk was recently reappointed as editor an award-winning, peer-reviewed journal that is a leading publication for college-level teachers of management. (more)
man smiling Maharishi University of Management receives $1 million grant
1 October 2009
The National Institutes of Health recently awarded a grant of $500,000 per year for two years for research on using the Transcendental Meditation technique in the treatment of coronary heart disease in African-Americans. (more)
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"The potential of every student is infinite. The time of student life should serve to unfold that infinite potential so that every individual becomes a vibrant centre of Total Knowledge."—Maharishi

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