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ocean sunset Fulfilling the ancient and modern ideals of education through Maharishi's Science of Creative Intelligence
30 May 2008
The Science of Creative Intelligence, Transcendental Meditation, and the Transcendental Meditation Sidhi Programme fulfil the ancient and modern ideals of education by opening the home of all knowledge, the field of all possibilities, to everyone.
MUM grad Educating the individual to become the master of Natural Law
29 May 2008
Maharishi explains how we become the masters of Natural
Law by enlivening the unmanifest home of all the Laws of Nature in our own awareness through the Transcendental Meditation and Transcendental Meditation Sidhi Programme.
James Krag Researchers and educators endorse the Transcendental Meditation Programme for the health, academic achievement, and well-being of students
28 May 2008
Those experienced the field of education express their support for the use of Transcendental Meditation to reduce problems students face.
boy TMing Developing the full spiritual value of life
27 May 2008
Maharishi described how to achieve the spiritual goals of mankind in this generation and for all generations to come in a talk which was given on Lake Lucerne in Switzerland, 26 December, 1973.
org flower Skill in action to secure the basis of all economic progress
24 May 2008
Maharishi illuminated practical prinicples for fulfilling the economic aspirations of the individual and society in a talk which was given in Murren, Switzerland, 1974.
student More reports from university students on the benefits of the Transcendental Meditation Programme
22 May 2008
The students who participated in the American University study on Transcendental Meditation report increased inner happiness, improved focus at school, ability to handle stressful situations more easily, better sleep, better relationships with others, and more calmness due to their practice of Transcendental Meditation.
Raam The Ramayana: Enlivening Dharma in individual life
21 May 2008
Dr Sands discusses the concept of Dharma in the classic epic of Vedic Literature, the Ramayana, and explains that life in accord with Natural Law is not the result of intellectual analysis; rather, one established in a higher state of consciousness effortlessly and naturally functions in accord with the Laws of Nature.
Switzerland Promoting the evolution of the environment: Restoring and maintaining balance in Nature
20 May 2008
The Science of Creative Intelligence offers students a formula for maximum growth of both the individual and the environment through contacting the fundamental value of evolution—the pure field of Creative Intelligence within our own transcendental, self-referral consciousness.
Marieta Benefits of the Transcendental Meditation Programme reported by college students
17 May 2008
Students, who participated in the American University scientific research study on 'The Effects of the Transcendental Meditation Programme on Neurophysiology, Cognitive Development,
and Health in College Students', reported wonderful benefits from their practice of Transcendental Meditation in all areas of their lives.
golden water Students experience the beginning of the notion of time within the Self
15 May 2008
Students learn how their Self is the source of the notion of
all time and space. This growing experience leads to mastery over time and space.
MUM students A research and demonstration project:
Effects of the Transcendental Meditation Programme on neurophysiology, cognitive development, and health in college students

14 May 2008
Three hundred undergraduate and graduate students from American University in Washington, DC, and surrounding college campuses learnt the Transcendental Meditation Programme during the two-year project. The research will evaluate the health and educational outcomes of the Transcendental Meditation practice in these students, with additional focus on students with learning disorders.
spring meadow The philosophy of action: Established in Being, the home of all the Laws of Nature, perform action
12 May 2008
For a man to be productive and most efficient in all areas of his
life, he must know that his individuality stands on the basis of
universality—immovable, eternal, and non-changing—and he only has to open his awareness to that area and start enjoying all its benefits.
Bill Sands The Ramayana in the context of the Vedic Literature
8 May 2008
Dr Sands discusses how the Ramayana and other aspects of the Vedic Literature are not the work of different authors in various historical periods; rather they are the precise description of the unified source of Nature’s orderliness, a self-interacting field of pure consciousness—pure wakefulness—that is the managing intelligence of the universe.
student Maharishi's Transcendental Meditation gives the experience of infinity to students
7 May 2008
Through the practice of Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation Technique, students open their awareness to the unboundedness of their own self-referral consciousness and begin to live freedom from limitations.
waterfall Students are deciding: 'Don't drop out! Drop in—into my Self!'
6 May 2008
Students go within and experience their own inner freedom and happiness through the practice of Maharishi's Transcendental Meditation Technique, dissolving the desire to drop out of school.
two boys meditating Consciousness-Based Education students draw upon infinite reserves within themselves
5 May 2008
Students at Consciousness-Based Education schools, colleges, and universities are experiencing that they have an infinite 'bank account' within, which they can access at will for greater success and happiness in life. The students draw upon these infinite reserves during the practice of Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation Technique. 
sunset Consciousness-based solution to the age-old problem of crime
4 May 2008
Maharishi speaks to students on the fourth goal of the World Plan: To solve the age-old problems of crime and all behaviour that brings unhappiness to the family of man.
brain The relationship of brain development to education
2 May 2008
Analyzing the process of human brain development is useful for suggesting the type of educational experiences that are especially important at different stages of growth. Enlivenment of total brain functioning is the crucial missing element in education today. This is provided by Consciousness-Based Education, resulting in a corresponding actualization of the students' mental potential.



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"The potential of every student is infinite. The time of student life should serve to unfold that infinite potential so that every individual becomes a vibrant centre of Total Knowledge."—Maharishi

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